With only two weeks to go until SD Expo Americas, you’re probably planning your Expo experience; we know we are!

Use this handy list to get familiar with all the info you need to have an unforgettable experience.


Your two-week checklist

Download the app: Conferences can be overwhelming. Trying to stay on top of the track schedule, navigating the floor plan, making the ever-crucial decision about what to have for lunch… there’s a lot to stay on top of! Make life a little easier for yourself and let the SD Expo Americas app handle some of the organization for you. Using the app, you can keep tabs on your top track preferences, enable push notifications to keep you informed about key details, and chat with fellow attendees.

To access SD Expo on mobile, download the Whova app on iOS or Android.

Once you have the app, follow these steps to access Support Driven Expo:

  • Sign in to Whova to create your profile. You may also choose to sign in via LinkedIn.
  • Once you are signed into the app, tap Find My Event / Conference.
  • Search for “Support Driven.”
  • Tap Support Driven Expo Americas 2019 when it appears to enter the event app.


Check out the Expo Guide: The SD Expo Guide is a comprehensive walkthrough of what you should know before attending an SD event. From the registration process on the first day to the celebrations planned after the event ends, this guide details all the information you need to make the most of your Expo experience. Make sure to read through the guide before attending!


Get familiar with Portland: So many food trucks, so little time! If you’re not a Portland local, use our guides on food and transportation to make the most of your time in the city.


You have your ticket…. right?: In case you’ve been procrastinating: tickets for SD Expo Americas are still available! Don’t wait much longer– secure your spot now!


Speaker Highlights

How to Deliver Consistent Communication in an Omnichannel World

Leslie O’Flahavan, E-WRITE

As we rush to respond to customers in their channel of choice, we’re not getting our stories straight. We give customers different answers on the phone than in chat. We make them wait days for email replies but we anser in minutes over social. This inconsistent communication increases contact volume, exhausts CSRs, and fractures CX. Instead of omnichannel service, we give omni-answer service, and that’s not good. I’ll identify 4 causes of inconsistent communication & illustrate each with a real-world example. I’ll use common contact center metrics—FCR, CSAT, handle time—to describe damage caused by inconsistent communications. I’ll then show how to solve these problems. I’ll identify four broad strategies for improving consistency: 1) improve knowledgebase content, 2) give CSRs consistent instructions about compensating customers, 3) treat all channels as equally “cool”, and 4) avoid channel pivots. Participants will then plan how they’ll improve consistency in their organization.


Best Practices for Delivering Effective Coaching

Alex Vlasto, Stella Connect

In this interactive workshop, you will go over the tools and best practices for delivering effective coaching. Attendees will be broken out into three different focus-groups: In-the-moment coaching, Coaching in 1-on-1 meetings, and Coaching against QA scorecards.


Net Promoter Score–Know its Pros & Cons
Martha Brooke, Interaction Metrics
Just because the world is filled with NPS surveys, does not mean that Net Promoter is always the best question and metric for your team. Learn when to use Net Promoter, when to avoid it and what other questions and methods are worth considering. At the end of this session, you’ll know the advantages and disadvantages of NPS. And if NPS is almost right for you, but you want something more scientific, you’ll learn how to teak the Net Promoter question to boost its accuracy and value.