Wow! What an incredible time was had at Support Driven Expo Americas. We owe a HUGE thank-you to all the volunteers, speakers, sponsors, and attendees that made it such an incredible experience. Events like this are completely possible because of the dedication of this community, and we couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who played a role in making Expo Americas happen. 


By the numbers

At this year’s event, we were joined by: 

  • 377 attendees
  • 81 speakers and panelists
  • 20 sponsors
  • 37 volunteers 



Looking for your next LinkedIn picture? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out the SmugMug photo gallery to see photos from the event. 

Didn’t manage to jot down the key takeaways from that one talk you loved quickly enough? Never fear. The slides from all of the talks are available for your viewing pleasure.  You can access talk slides here and workshop printouts here


Blog Post Round-up

We love seeing blog posts from attendees and speakers: it’s the perfect way to gather insights and perspectives that we may not have otherwise encountered.

Attendee blog posts: 


Check out the key takeaways from your favourite talks in these speaker Blog Posts: 

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