Choosing the right conference for your needs can be a challenging task. From the format of the sessions to the content from the speakers, there are so many variables in determining if a conference will meet your needs. Let’s tackle what you can expect from Leadership Summit, the format of the event, and the content that you can expect to enjoy.

Read on to learn more about Leadership Summit, and don’t forget to secure your ticket soon!

The Details

Support Driven Leadership Summit is a two-and-a-half-day conference that focuses on bringing together leaders in customer support, customer success, and operations with the intention of helping you become a better leader. Since so much of great leadership is learned through the mentorship of others, Summit aims to help cultivate those relationships by creating opportunities to meet and build meaningful relationships with your peers.

The Format

Leadership Summit is a single-track event, blending together different styles of content in order to help foster connections with other leaders. Aside from some stellar talks, you can expect to take part in some more interactive programming, such as:

  • Interactive case studies
  • Breakout sessions
  • Lightning talks

You can get familiar with the entire schedule here!


Featured Speakers

We Are More Than Robots: How Emotional Intelligence Helps You Support Your Support Team

Hilary Dudek, Glooko

Being a support leader involves more than strategic and metrics management, it also calls for high emotional intelligence. Your team is more than first reply times and solve: they are not robots but people with emotional needs, which can affect the work that they do. Having EQ will allow you as a leader to assess your team’s emotional needs and then thoughtfully lean in. In this talk you will learn how to better assess your team’s emotional needs at a high level, and when they need a manager vs. when they need a leader.


Motivate Your Team with Individual Performance Metrics

Nykki Yeager, Qwilr

Employees crave feedback. They also want to know that they’re operating in a fair system. They want to understand what’s required from them, be rewarded for their achievements, and be guided to set improvement goals that help them continue to advance their skills. Defining performance metrics can help meet these employee needs, boost morale, and increase team output.

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