Let’s face it: one of the unspoken highlights of attending a conference is seeing a new city– or looking at your own city with fresh eyes among new friends. With SD Leadership Summit only a few short weeks away, now is the time to begin planning your trip and putting some spots on your ‘must-visit’ list. 

We turned to the #zlocal-boston channel in the Support Driven slack to help us create the master list of spots that can’t be missed while you’re in the city. You can check out the full thread here

Where to eat

Atwoods Tavern was mentioned by our local friends time and again as a spot near the venue that shouldn’t be missed. Hailed for their great music and even better nachos, Atwoods is less than a mile away from the conference space at HubSpot, making it a great place to stop after a full day of Summit. 

If you’re looking for a caffeine fix on the way into the event, check out Curio, Elmendorf Baking Supplies & Cafe, or Tatte.

There’s nothing quite like grabbing a local beer in a new city. Make sure to pay a visit to Cambridge Brewing Company and Lamplighter Brewing for local suds. 

What to do

If you’re looking to kick your feet up and take in a flick on a rainy day, Landmark’s Kendall Square Cinema plays both local and indie films. 

To keep the learning going, drop into the Museum of Science or the MIT museum. Both are very close to the venue. 

What better way to sightsee then from the water? The Charles Riverboat tour begins and ends right by the venue. It’s a 70-minute, fully narrated tour that is sure to entertain you while also teaching you about Boston’s rich history.

Featured Speakers

My Teammate is just Meh: A Manager’s Guide to Legally and Humanely Addressing Underperforming Employees

Kimberly Bringas, Olark

What do you do as a manager when you have an employee who is consistently mediocre rather than one who excels or is actively failing? Addressing underperforming employees is part of the job and can come with some scary HR red tape. This case study will serve as a framework to walk through some standard HR steps as well as tackle some big questions such as:

– How do you balance legal obligations with approaching the situation compassionately?
– How can you partner with HR and what are your options when an HR team is unavailable?
– How do you assess the impact at an individual, team and company level to select a path forward?

Forecasting For Support Coverage: Growing Is Never Linear!

Andrea Silas, DreamHost

Your company will always want to grow, but how should your support team approach that? Should you try to keep up based on historical data? Should you try to anticipate growth spurts based on industry changes and new projects rolling out? What if your KPIs radically change? And don’t forget your team itself: the age and size of it will also create new circumstances for management, specializations, and churn, all of which you need to prepare for. Throw automation, AI, and machine learning into the picture, and you got yourself a challenge that no simple forecasting formula will satisfy. Come learn from how we’re approaching team growth and what worked and what didn’t in the long term.

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