When you attend a Support Driven event, there’s a good chance you’ll make meaningful connections that ultimately impact your career. In this 2 minute video, Josh Magsam, now Director of Partner Operations at PartnerHero, tells about what happened to him when he attended Leadership Summit last October.

We love to hear stories about how the Support Driven community makes a difference in your lives and careers. Thank you for sharing your story, Josh!

Since taking his new job, Josh continues to be an active member of Support Driven, including as a Talk Editor for speakers at Expo Americas. He will be speaking at this year’s Leadership Summit in Boston on “A Low-Key Approach to Maintaining Your Professional Network.” He’s happy to chat on Slack @Josh Magsam or at this year’s Leadership Summit if you’re going to be there.

If you haven’t registered yet for Summit (Sep 25-27), get your ticket now! The conference sold out last year.

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