Image courtesy of Marco Yim‘s slide deck from the presentation in the videos below.
As we approach Leadership Summit 2019 in Boston, speakers are putting together their slide decks and preparing their presentations. We asked Marco Yim and Matt Dale, Support Driven community members and seasoned presenters, if they’d meet with Leadership Summit speakers to share some tips on slide design, how to assemble a deck to go with your talk type, and where to find resources for making slides.

Slide Design

In the first video is Marco’s presentation on slide design, where he cleverly demonstrates the design principles he talks about using the deck he’s presenting. Marco shows how to use color, words, and numbers in your slide design for impact:


Putting together a deck and prepping for your presentation

In the second video Matt and others share tips on putting together a deck, how to prepare and practice for a presentation (and especially the lightning talk format), and what it’s like to present at a Support Driven event:


Takeaways and Resources

Here are some of the key takeaways from the presentations:

  • YOU bring the value. It is your expertise and story that make your presentation worth attending. The slides are to enhance what you’re saying, they are not the focus.
  • For using color, find inspiration from websites, other decks, or just colors that make you feel good. Check for color palettes to give your deck a cohesive feel. And my favorite tip: throw in a blank black slide to refocus attention OR to give extra impact to the slide after the blank one.
  • What about words? Write with intention on your slides: think about the high level concept you want to share, and put the bare minimum of text on the screen. Slides are not your script. Use iconography to replace words, and use negative space for more impact.
  • Aim for 30pt font or bigger
  • When building your deck, first put together an outline of your talk. Then, make slides to represent your headers — those headers in your outline are your big picture points.
  • Once slides are submitted, practice giving your talk with the deck so you can get a feel for pacing.

And here are some resources for free stuff that Marco, Matt, and the speakers and editors on the call shared:

Do you have other slide design or presentation tips? Share them in the #speaking channel in the Support Driven Slack! If you’re not in the Slack yet, you can join free here.


Marco Yim is the founder of Extempra, a communications training company dedicated to helping their participants speak with confidence, eloquence, and authenticity. At Extempra he facilitates interactive workshops for professionals from universities to Fortune 100 companies on how to speak with credibility and impact in the workplace! He’s also the Manager of Customer Success at Inkbox. He knows that trust, genuine care, and moments of delight are the hallmarks of every happy client – a philosophy he injects into his work every day. Marco presented a workshop at Support Driven Expo Americas and also volunteered his time as a workshop editor for other presenters.

Matt Dale is the VP of Customer Support at Illuminate Education in Irvine, CA. When he’s not at work, he loves to spend time with his wife and their two little boys. In his spare time he loves driving fast on the backroads of SoCal and playing Galaga, Joust, and other classic arcade games. Matt has presented multiple talks at Support Driven conferences and has supported many speakers through the Support Driven Talk Development program. He will be giving the opening remarks at Support Driven Leadership Summit 2019.

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