We’re in the final stretch for Support Driven Leadership Summit! With less than a month to go, you’re likely beginning to think about the fine details of your trip to Boston, including your accommodations. If you haven’t booked your hotel yet, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is: since we’re so close to the event, hotels are getting pricier by the day.

The good news: we have you covered with an excellent hotel rate!


Holiday Inn Group Rate

Support Driven has booked a group of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Cambridge. At .4 miles from the event venue, you’ll be in walking distance of the event (which means that you get to sleep in).  The discounted rate for Leadership Summit attendees is $249 with a check-in date of September 25 and a check-out date of September 27. Make sure to book your room within the next two weeks to take advantage of the discounted pricing!


Your Leadership Summit Panelists

Alongside some amazing speakers, we’ll also be exploring the concept of great leadership with several exciting panels. Here’s a sneak peek into what you can look forward to hearing from!

Growing with a Customer-First Mindset: Keep the Customer at the Table as You Scale
Wednesday, September 25 – 4:15 to 5:30
Moderated and hosted by HubSpot
  • Moderator — Michael Redbord, General Manager, Service Hub at HubSpot
  • Panelist — David Hunt, Director, Global Support at HubSpot
  • Panelist — Peter Scher, Manager, Product Expert Team at HubSpot
  • Panelist — Amanda Iglesias, Senior Manager, Support Team Operations at HubSpot
  • Panelist — Lauren DeSoiza, Head of North American Support at HubSpot

As you grow from a start-up, to a scale-up, to a public company, you will feel the pressure of growth. How will you grow faster? How will you scale your teams? But, most importantly, how will you stay “customer first” as you expand? In this panel of Support leaders from HubSpot, you’ll see how, as HubSpot grew, it lost its customer-first mindset. Then stubbornly and firmly, its customers drove the culture, org chart, and executive team to change and become customer-first at scale. From this panel, you’ll take away tactical do’s and don’ts so that you don’t just grow bigger, but you grow better for your customers.


How Do You Continuously Improve Support and Operations Processes?
Thursday, September 26 – 5:30 to 6:30
Moderated and hosted by Kustomer
  • Moderator — Alex Gadd, VP of Customer Experience at Kustomer
  • Panelist — Whitney Puidokas, Director of Customer Care at Lose It!
  • Panelist — Rachel Steele, Customer Support Manager at Mailchimp
  • Panelist — Grace Antonio, Senior Manager of Support Operations at Freshbooks
It’s probably safe to say that our companies and support teams are growing, whether in size, understanding of how to work better, or both. As our departments mature, we are trying to become more efficient and to waste less time on disorganization: the way we scheduled weekends when we were only 10 people in support probably looks different from when we became 100. Likewise, the way we do escalations might change with a support reorg, and the way we handle product launches might change just because we know we haven’t gotten it right yet. All of these improvements require decisions around processes and how to adapt them. This panel will discuss different ways to approach process changes, who’s involved in making decisions, how to know when to pull the brake on a process that isn’t working, and how to communicate changes to the team.


Secure Your Ticket Soon!

This time in a month, SD Leadership Summit will be over! There’s no better time to secure your ticket to the event. Save your space today!


Featured Speakers


Multilingual support: How We Expanded From English-only To 6+ Languages

Karen Arnold and Samantha Hare, Automattic

An important aspect of the customer experience is feeling seen and heard in your own language. From an operations perspective, expanding support to a wider audience — going outside your primary language — can be daunting. There are so many questions: once you build your support team to offer support in your primary language, how do you branch out from there? How do you decide what languages you want to support? How do you build out a team to offer that support? How do you maintain consistent levels of support, CSAT, SLAs across the languages you choose to support? We’ll talk about these questions, as well as discuss our choices as we expanded into multi-language support, mistakes we made, and our plans for the future.



Leading Through Change: What Mattered Most When We Asked a Team To Change Their Hours

Yvette Johns, Mailchimp

Change is difficult. Those of us in leadership know that even the smallest change can oftentimes have a large, lasting impact on your team. So, how exactly do you help your team wrestle with a massive, incredibly impactful change? How do you make a decision when there are no real right choices? And how do you handle all of these things when there’s a river of ambiguity right in front of you? In this talk, we’ll discuss one of the largest changes we’ve made in our department since my time with Mailchimp, how to help your directs confront and process change, and the daunting task of managing change for yourself as a leader at the same time.


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