There are only two short weeks left until the Support Driven Leadership Summit in Boston! We can’t wait for all the learning opportunities and insights that will surely come with the Summit experience, but we also can’t wait to have a little fun with the community after-hours. Read on to find out about all the fun events planned pre- and post- Summit!


Community Meetups

Simply put: our community is awesome. We love having opportunities to connect in person and have some fun, and there’s no better way to do it than through Community Meetups!

If you’re interested in organizing a meetup in Boston during the week of Summit, you can add it to the Support Driven Leadership Summit app! To set up the app:

  1. Download Whova to your iOS or Android mobile device now.
  2. Sign in to Whova to create your profile.
  3. Once you are signed into the app, tap Find My Event / Conference.
  4. Search for “Support Driven.”
  5. Tap Support Driven Leadership Summit when it appears to enter the event app.

Once you’ve got the app, head to the ‘Community’ tab at the bottom of the screen, and then select the ‘Meetup’ topic. This is where you can list all the details of your excursion and encourage others to join!

Celebrations and Happy Hours

In addition to our amazing community-led meetups, we’re also working alongside several of our partners to host Summit celebrations. Join us to network with your new friends, catch up with your old friends, and talk about the ideas of the day.

Welcome Party and HubSpot Tour
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Wed Sep 25, 2019
Keep an eye on the schedule for event details!
Happy Hour with Kustomer
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Thu Sep 26, 2019

Remember to Read the Leadership Summit Guide!

For all the information that you need to understand the rules of engagement and expectation, remember to read through the Leadership Summit Guide. This resource is your one-stop guide to everything you need to know about Support Driven Leadership Summit, and will walk you through all the key information that you need to have a great time, while also making sure that your peers are as well.


The Final Round of Panels Has Been Announced!

Alongside some amazing speakers, we’ll also be exploring the concept of great leadership with several exciting panels. Here’s a sneak peek into what you can look forward to hearing from!

September 26, 12:55-1:40pm 
How Do You Measure Your Support Department’s Success?
Hosted by Freshworks
  • Moderator — Matt Dale, VP of Customer Support at Illuminate Education
  • Panelist — Manoj Paulraj, Customer Support Manager at Freshworks
  • Panelist — Gracie Ofslager, Small Business Success Lead at Automattic
  • Panelist — Stacy Justino, Director of Customer Happiness at Wistia
How do you define success to your support teams? Measuring CSATs can help you improve only the customer’s side of the support experience. But CSATs can’t help you determine when to scale your team. They can’t help you understand your team’s morale. They can’t help you decide when to promote an agent. What numbers should a manager look at to improve his/her team? How do you quantify your support’s performance? This panel looks at some ways to define success in the customer support world, how to measure that success, and how to set better goals. 
September 27, 12:55pm – 1:40pm
Growing Careers In Support While Giving Agents Time In the Queue
Hosted by Guru
  • Moderator — June Zhang, Customer Support Team Lead, Guru
  • Panelist — Hilary Dudek, Director of Customer Support – North America , Glooko
  • Panelist — Jerry Ishmael, Client Support Manager, TrackTik
  • Speaker– Chris McCraw, Head of Support, Netlify
Career development is key to any successful team. As a leader, it’s important to help agents grow their careers in support while also providing opportunities to learn skills outside of the queue. It can be challenging to ensure individual contributors are leveling up while staying in touch with support tickets. This panel will give you a look into how support leaders are successfully developing their agent’s careers without distancing the agent from support.
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