In 2019 Support Driven held the first Europe Expo in Belgrade, and we’re happy to announce that we’ll be hosting another Europe Expo in Prague in 2020!

That said, we are now accepting proposals to speak at the Support Driven Europe Expo in Prague, Czech Republic on May 28-29, 2020

Support Driven Expo Europe is designed to provide practical skills and knowledge to move attendees’ careers and support operations forward. Every session should have clear takeaways that can be applied right away.

To help our European (and beyond!) community members take the next steps in their careers, we’re organizing two types of sessions. SD Expo Europe will include Talks: one or two persons speaking on a topic while attendees listen, and Workshops: a more interactive experience where attendees engage with the material in the session to immediately practice and apply what they are learning.


All presentations need to align with one of these themes:

Individual Contributors



Call For Proposals (CFP): Case-studies and Talks

SD Europe Expo 2020 will include two types of presentations: Workshops and talks.

Europe Expo Workshops:

  • Are 45 minutes long.
  • Provide attendees the opportunity to do: to interact and engage with a new tool, process, or other activity that can help them level up.
  • Are primarily group or individual activity-based; participation is the key ingredient to a workshop’s success.

Europe Expo Talks:

  • Share the context and experience of the speaker. 
  • Are no longer than 20 minutes.

What you will get as a presenter

If we accept your application and you complete the weekly tasks outlined below, you’ll present at Support Driven Expo Europe on May 28-29, 2020 at Occidental Praha in Prague, Czech Republic.

You will receive:

  • 1 complimentary pass to Europe Expo for yourself.
  • 1 coupon for $200 off the regular ticket price to the conference for you to share with friends, colleagues, and any professional audiences (social media, newsletters, etc.)
  • Mentoring and guidance to develop your ideas, story, presentation, and conversation starters.

While we are unable to accommodate travel and lodging for speakers, we hope that you will find value in the benefits of sharing with the Support Driven community in some of these ways:

  • Give back to the Support Driven Community
  • A venue to share your knowledge and showcase your personal brand
  • Personal or company recognition
  • Networking and other career opportunities

If your proposal is accepted but you would find it difficult to attend due to travel costs, please let us know and we will do our best to help make it happen.

In appreciation of your willingness to apply to present at Expo, if you apply but are not selected to speak, we will share a special discount code with you to receive your ticket for $200 off the full ticket price.

Your commitments

You agree that if we accept your application:

  • You will commit to the milestone deadlines outlined below.
  • You will participate in regular check-ins with your Talk Editor or Workshop Editor.
  • You (or your employer) will cover your travel and accommodation costs.
  • You will follow our Code of Conduct.
  • We may use your name and photo to promote the conference.
  • We may record your talk and slides (audio, video, photography) for use in social media, marketing, sales, and distribution.


  • December 19, 2019: Call for proposals opens.
  • February 12, 2020: Call for proposals to close.
  • February 28, 2020: We will notify up as to whether your proposal has been accepted or not.  
  • April 27, 2020: Final slides due.
  • May 28-29, 2020: Expo Europe in Prague, Czech Republic.

How to apply

To complete the application form:

  • Write a brief pitch that summarizes your session in a few sentences and that addresses what others will learn from it. Here is a great resource from Support Driven community member Lisa Hunt about how to write your pitch.
  • Submit the required materials via the CFP form by February 12, 2020..

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