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It’s that time of year again! We’re excited to start planning the 2020 Support Driven Salary Survey. In past years we’ve collaborated with industry leaders, working behind the scenes to deliver a final story to our community. This year we want to try an “Open Collaboration” approach for the project. Open Collaboration is often found with Open Source projects and is defined in Wikipedia as “the principle underlying peer production, mass collaboration, and wikinomics”.  In short, it means we want to open things up to greater participation by the community.

How You Can Contribute

We’ll be using GitLab to run this project. While Git and GitLab are most often used for software development, we thought we’d give it a try for this project as it provides some great opportunities for collaboration and transparency. We’ve created a project (Support Driven Salary Survey)  and set up some initial structure, but it’s only a shell for now. To get things moving we are looking for the community to get involved and help us shape the project, the process, and ultimately, the survey.

Contributing to the project will require signing up for a GitLab account. It’s free and can be done here:

Contributing Survey Questions

While this project is completely open to contribution on any level (we’ll talk more about that further down), the simplest and easiest way to contribute is by suggesting Survey Questions. To do that, first, have a look at the questions from last year, and then share your ideas for new questions by creating an Issue in the Issue Tracker, following these steps:

  • Click HERE to create a new issue in the tracker.
    Clicking the link above will open the issue creation form, but you must be logged in for it to open. Alternatively, you can just head to the issues tracker and click the New Issue button directly.

    • Use the Title field for your question title
    • Use the Description to list your answer options
    • Include some context for the question, the ‘why’ of it, so that everyone can have a chance to fully understand how answers to this question will be useful
    • Select the Label Survey Question.
    • Click Submit Issue

Vote for new questions

Everyone has an opportunity to vote for questions submitted by other community members. Just click the Thumbs Up on any Survey Question issue to give it a vote. This can help us know those questions most important to the community.

Survey Question Deadlines

Starting April 5th we’ll ask for your question ideas to be submitted based on the Category that they belong in. Each category will be open for one week during which time questions can be submitted for that category. We’ll use the following Categories for questions:

    • About You
      Questions related to the individual and their role, such as hours worked (full/part-time), working remote or in-office, etc.
      * The Deadline for these questions to be submitted is April 11th.
    • About Your Company
      Company location, number of employees, etc.
      * Deadline for these questions is April 18th
    • Bonus Questions
      These are additional questions the community feels are important to ask, but don’t fit either of the two other categories.
      * Deadline for these questions is April 25th


Once we get all submitted ideas for questions, we’ll work to define the final survey and make it public. The goal is to release the survey by the first week of May.

Other Ways to Contribute

This project is an experiment with the goal of making the Salary Survey a Community-Driven process. In addition to submitting survey ideas, there are many other ways to contribute, including creating documentation, maintaining the Issue Tracker, creating the final survey, and other yet to be defined (by you?) needs.

If you’d like to share thoughts or ideas on the process, the project, or the idea itself, please feel free to create an issue in the Issue Tracker, and use the Label: Idea. We want to hear from everyone and are eager to iterate this process into something that is the best it can be for serving the community.
Got any questions about any of this? Questions can be added to the tracker as well, using the Label: General Question

If you have experience or a skill that you’d like to contribute, be it creating documentation (we want to document the process, create a Wiki, etc) managing GitLab, community building, or anything else you think could be helpful to this project and process, please reach out to TJ Baker via LinkedIn, or ping in the Support Driven Slack Group.

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