With COVID-19 on the rise and many companies are affected, we need to support each other even more than usual. We all are facing very special management and productivity challenges doing customer service these days. And I think that knowledge is the best weapon against those challenges.

That’s why I decided to share another piece of my professional knowledge with the community. Last time I posted about my approach to set up or optimize Zendesk using Customer Journey idea. I know this post might sound a bit too theoretical — so I would like to share more practical stuff today.

I have been doing professional Zendesk consulting for the last 9 years. One of my best-selling services is Zendesk Health Diagnostics. I have diagnosed many Zendesk accounts — from small one-agent accounts to big enterprise-scale ones — and collected a lot of cases. But all the time I was facing the same repetitive issues/optimizations.

The Checklist

The checklist is a great tool to organize any activities. I have organized all optimizations into groups based on the area of Zendesk and/or functional type of optimization. But technically you can follow them in any order you like.

For almost all points I have placed the links to Zendesk Help Center articles where you can find the details of the implementation. Sometimes you will find the screenshots with real examples of discussed setups which allows you to reproduce them easily in your Zendesk.




  1. Collect customer reviews following up Good CSAT ratings 
    You can easily improve your ratings on different marketplaces if you collect reviews from satisfied customers. In case you use CSAT in Zendesk you can create a trigger sending email asking to leave a review for your products/services. It should be created in a way similar to the p.3 above, but put another condition for Satisfaction (Good or Good with comment).



I hope you enjoyed the checklist and optimized your Zendesk.

And safe and happy support to everyone!

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