“Not another Zoom meeting!”

Sound familiar? Perhaps your employees have said this before. Or maybe it’s you who’s getting antsy to get your team back to normal working conditions. Whatever the case, you should know that Zoom meetings actually give you a lot of creative flexibility. 

Here are some ideas that can help you spice up your Zoom meetings and make them anything but boring.


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1. Do Something Different with Each Meeting

Switching up your Zoom meetings can add a little suspense and keep your team guessing about what you’ll do next. For example, you might all change your profile pictures with each meeting, create fun polls, or add some element of surprise that will catch your team off guard.

Doing things differently consistently can give your team something to look forward to with each meeting. 


2. Host Non-Work Zoom Meetings

Who said Zoom has to be all business? Part of building a great team is getting to know each other and earning trust, and both of these are more easily accomplished when work takes a vacation from the conversation.

This is where authenticity is created. Everyone gets to know the real people behind the coworker facade and can learn each other’s personalities. 

Consider hosting a weekly meeting that has nothing to do with work. You could pick a certain topic or event, like a weekly TV discussion or a book club, and encourage everyone to share their thoughts.


3. Play a Virtual Game

Team-building is just as much of a priority for remote teams as it is for teams that are working side by side. You could even make the argument that it’s more important since teams don’t have the benefit of being in close proximity to each other. 

To foster collaboration and trust, virtual team building can take the form of a game that requires everyone to participate. For example, you could divide into smaller teams and do a few rounds of trivia. 

Another fun game is Two Lies and a Truth. Each person comes up with three facts or statements about themselves, two of which are lies, and one that’s true. Team members try to guess which one is true. 

Or, if you want to take a more classic approach, popular games like Bingo, Scattergories, Pictionary, and Heads Up are all Zoom-friendly options.


4. Do a Fun Theme Every Friday

For remote teams, Casual Fridays are old news. Instead, choose a new theme for each Friday that can increase engagement and build a sense of community. Dress like a Movie Character, Wacky Tacky Friday, Crazy Hair Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day are popular options, but the only limit is your own creativity!

To add another dimension, consider letting employees choose the theme. For example, you’ll pick the first one, then appoint someone on the team to choose next week’s theme. This could end up being a tradition that sticks once you call everyone back to the office!


5. Leverage Virtual Backgrounds

Zoom virtual backgrounds are growing in popularity, and they’re just as practical as they are fun. These backgrounds are every bit as good as magic—they fill up the screen as if you had a backdrop right behind you but without blocking you out of the image. 

Many people use virtual backgrounds to cover their personal space. This is a great option if your house is messy or you have children or pets running through the room. 

Backgrounds come in just about any theme or style you can imagine, such as a famous city or landmark, abstract art, or even your own photos. Host a background contest to see who can come up with the coolest or most unique background. Users can vote on their favorite, and the winner walks away with bragging rights.

And while it doesn’t seem like a Zoom movie night makes sense for work, it can be a critical piece of team building and community engagement. 

Turn your movie night into an opportunity for development. For example, you could choose a movie that demonstrates an important business lesson or something valuable the team can take away from watching it. Ask your team to share their favorite movie snacks, a quote from their favorite movie, or the first movie they ever saw.

Or, cast work to the wind and simply enjoy some time to kick back and relax.


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