Attendees: Scott, Brittany, Lilly, Harsha

Note: Meeting will be held weekly (until further notice). On the backend, we will use Basecamp/Google Drive as a place to keep all the info together.

Three Major Focuses: Job Board, Information Release (Notes) and Story Collection

  • Job Board: Develop the job board as a resource/central location for candidates and hiring managers.
    • Action Point: Make it as visible and easy to access as possible through Slack, Emails, Mighty Networks and the main SD website. (ex. General Banner Ad from SD main site, pinned Mighty N. Post, Slack Description Link.)
    • Job related Blogs will be in a section on the Job Board website.
  • Information Tracking: Being transparent with information and showing the history of what we’re doing and why.
    • Action Point: Notes will be collected and published after every meeting to release to the larger SD community.
    • Progress will be tracked on the follow through of the defined “action points”.
  • Story Collection: To be able to see the success stories of hiring through SD, providing inspiration and motivation.
    • Action Point: Proactively reach out to/interview companies we know who have hired through SD before (ie. Help Scout, ActBlue, Olark, etc.)
    • Reactively: Ask folks to talk to us and be interviewed for stories, because inviting someone to talk for 5-10 minutes about their experience is a lot easier than asking someone to write a blog post.

To be Considered:

General “future” ideas that are great to develop steps on, but after we’ve built the foundation.

  • Posts to create: How Job Seekers can get started. And How hiring companies to get started. (Both need a deadline.)
  • Connect salary survey to job board
  • Connect with local organizers to support: Their efforts to build local community, people looking for local jobs and companies hiring locally

Lingering Questions: 

  • Would companies in our space that have hired from the community be open to sharing their stories on their blogs?
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