Attendees: Scott, Brittany, Elena

Note: Meeting will be held weekly (until further notice). On the backend, we will use Basecamp/Google Drive as a place to keep all the info together.

Three Major Focuses: Candidate Spotlight, Job Board Weekly RoundUp, Story Collection

  • Job Board & Candidate Spotlight for Newsletter: Create a weekly round up for candidates who are looking for jobs and available opportunities across Slack, LinkedIn, Mighty Networks, and the e-newsletter.
    • Candidate Spotlight: Catch up on blog post for all candidates that should be highlighted on a blog post. The blog post will be shared in the newsletter and on LinkedIn.
      • Action Point: We will need a future volunteer to help maintain this.
    • Job Board Weekly Roundup: Post all job links share in the #job-board Slack channel.
    • Story Collection:  To be able to see the success stories of hiring through SD, providing inspiration and motivation.

Action Items:

  • Create Posts for 
    • How Job Seekers can get started.
    • How Hiring Companies to get started.
      (Brittany will create a post and have ready for next week’s meeting)
  • Create Template/ Blog Post for Job Board Weekly Roundup & Candidate Spotlight: Tag job seekers in the blog post and share on LinkedIn (Brittany)
      • Start story collection: Reach out to companies that have hired through SD and candidates that found jobs through SD. What efforts worked and what didn’t in their searches? (Scott)

      Items not discussed this meeting but on the table:

      • Connect salary survey to the job board
      • Connect with local organizers to support: Their efforts to build their local community, people looking for local jobs and companies hiring locally 
      • How we use Mighty Networks with job postings and job seekers
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