Hiring managers post their jobs in the Support Driven community to find the best candidates. We also share jobs we’ve found through our professional network that we think are worth paying attention to. This post is a small sample of those jobs and some of the great candidates in our community.

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  • Hi, Chris here, an experienced leader in Customer Support and Customer Experience with over 10 years leading teams in hyper-growth startups, through to large corporates in digital transformation.

    I’m based in beautiful Sydney, Australia, and looking for a role here or remote accounting for the timezones, that fit my sweet spot of fast growth/change, leadership, and customer.

    All the best and remember to always be positive, ask if others are ok, and ask for help if you need it.



  • Hi there. I’m Steve! I have 6 years of experience in customer experience (focusing on ad operations, customer support, and account management), with 3 years of leadership under my belt.
    My passions include kicking butt for customers, devising novel solutions to complex problems, and constantly learning. I’m even enrolled in a crash course in UX to keep pushing myself to grow! I’m based in Los Angeles, but open to remote roles in the product operations, customer experience, or account management realm– through a role with any combination of those words is of interest to me!

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