Attendees: Scott, Brittany, Craig, Heather, Harsha, Lilly

Note: Meeting will be held weekly (until further notice). On the backend, we will use Basecamp/Google Drive as a place to keep all the info together.

This meeting was a split between discussing the Aspire Program and Job Board.

Regarding Aspire: Craig and Heather are doing their best regarding running Aspire, but it requires a lot and they need help to make it manageable.

As known, the program runs for 6 months each “run”, but the general challenges are as follows:

  • Initially there is a pairing of up to 100+ people based on Mentor expertise and Mentee needs.
  • A 30 minute Orientation call needs to be run.
  • A framework for how the pair’s meetings can be structured, what they can talk about or where to start has been heavily requested.
  • During the run if there is an issue within pairings (ie. Ghosting, Bad Match) there needs to be quick response and repairing if possible.
  • A survey is collected from participants, with generally a 10% response rate. These must be sorted through and feedback collected, as this helps with improving the program and working out kinks.
Next Steps: 
  1. The Aspire AMA will be next week Wednesday via Slack channels.
  2. Volunteer/Aspire Committee will be clarified to see what and how things can be distributed. (As handover for Aspire’s different functions (ie the Process and Tools) will take a bit of discussion.)
Regarding SD Job Board:

Weekly Roundup posts will be released for Job Seekers and Listings, essentially a summary from the SD threads. The template for these weekly posts has been created.
Action Points:
  •  Enable handoff for Weekly Roundup (Person would use currently created template, collect info from Slack and fill it.)
  • Get posts shared on LinkedIn (linking Candidates and Companies) so Spotlight and connections can happen over LinkedIn as well. (For those not in the SD Slack.)
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