Hiring managers post their jobs in the Support Driven community to find the best candidates. We also share jobs we’ve found through our professional network that we think are worth paying attention to. This post is a small sample of those jobs and some of the great candidates in our community.

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Jobs Spotlight

  • Frame.io, Technical Support Specialists, (1 in Dublin and 1 in NYC)
  • Schoology, Technical Support Engineer (Folsom, CA) 
  • Fastly, several roles open in Sales, HR, Technical Operations and others (several US, Europe and APAC cities and timezones; remote available for some roles)
  • Nylas, several Customer Success and Support Engineer/Technical Account Manager roles available (SF, Denver, NYC, Toronto, US Remote, Europe) 
  • Heroku, Technical Account Manager (Several US Locations or Remote within the US) 
  • The Cru, Cru Guide ( Remote, preference for the greater-NYC area) 
  • Figma, Custom Operations (San Francisco, CA) 
  • Snowplow Analytics, Technical Customer Support Engineer (Remote, UTC-4 to UTC-7) 
  • Leadfeeder , Customer Support Specialist (US Remote, EST timezone preferred) 
  • Deel, Customer Support Specialist (Fully Remote) 
  • The Predictive Index, User Support Specialist (Westwood, Ma or US Remote) 
  • Streamlabs, Several roles in Customer and Technical Support (San Francisco, Vancouver, or Remote) 

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Candidate Spotlight

Each week we spotlight a few candidates from our Wednesday Job Seeker Thread in #job-board who are searching for new opportunities.



  • Hi all! My name is Sarah, living in Portland Oregon, and looking for an opportunity to help develop community standards, policies, and overall Trust and Safety service design! I have been working for the past four years in Trust and Safety – first as an agent, then as a shift manager, and now in process improvement/service design/policy operationalization – so I have an understanding of the problems that face individual agents, but also the struggles that the larger department might be experiencing. I am passionate about building efficient processes that support agents, and remove as much decision making anxiety from Trust and Safety cases! If you are just starting to realize the need for policies that govern user behavior, or have an existing Trust and Safety team that is looking for service design, or process improvement, let me know: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-godlewski-827021aa/


  • Hello, my name is Ash. I’ve been a Customer Support/Service/Success professional for about a decade and a half with the majority of that time in some sort of leadership role. I am wrapping up my time at my current employer as the Director of Customer Experience, and I’m ready to start looking for my next opportunity, either as an employee or as a consultant for your growing business. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashrhodes/


  • Hi I’m Jack! I’m living in the SF Bay Area (Sonoma ) and I’m looking for my next Support Role. My core values are empathy, communityand accountability and I want to deliver delight to every interaction. I’m a huge believer in self-reflection and I make sure to keep creating learning opportunities in my personal and professional life.
    Recently that has involved learning Python.  It’d be great to have a chat if you think I could be a good fit for your team. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-allan/ 


  • Hi it’s Scott Hopper. I’m Curious, Empathetic and Gritty. Customer Support and Customer Success on two iconic products working with ultra strategic customers. https://linkedin.com/in/scottahopper



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