• Craig S
  • Heather S
  • Carvin P
  • Jordan P
  • Scott T
  • Francis L
  • Diane G

What this board is for:

Aspire has been run by the community from the beginning and we want to ensure that as the members of the board change we have the infrastructure in place for an easy transition for new members and that the program will continue to run smoothly.

On working on the board:
Outside of paring, it’s relatively easy outside of pairing. It’s NOT a hugely complex process. It’s simple and should continue to develop and grow. It’s rewarding to help people and a great feeling.

Key Roles to Facilitate:

  • Committee Chair – To ensure that things are getting completed.
  • Scribe – To Take notes and share why we are doing this and what’s going on with the community. They will also help with the next round of recruiting.
  • Additional roles will be defined to help facilitate other duties as required.


Will the matching process change?

No plans to change the current process, but open to suggestions.

We previously considered doing something automated (program) but didn’t have much luck. It may be worth using the current process this time to learn what a programmatic approach may need for future pairings.

The existing matching process has developed to accommodate the growth in participants. It’s unrealistic and extremely time-consuming to manually review and pair based on the requested factors/features of participants. It is expected that this process will develop as the program develops.

How will the current program managers be participating in this round?

Both will serve in advisory roles, assisting in the transition of program management and the pairing of participants.

Are there guidelines on how things are run currently?

Heather will share a roadmap of what is required for running the program in basecamp.

Craig will share a google drive folder with existing management tools/resources.

Can a Mentor have more than 1 Mentee?

Yes. We can manage by creating a duplicate survey response and updating the timestamp by 1 millisecond. We can then use the timestamp as a unique identifier during pairings.

How do we prioritize characteristics during matching?

We take into consideration gender preferences during pairings first. Time zone and region questions during the application process then help us pair based on availability and topics.

In the future, we may want to consider how to avoid pairing participants at the same or competing companies.


Next Steps:

  1. Bridge the mentor gap
    • Reach out to friends/champions to bridge the gap for mentors
    • Europe and the east coast are the largest gaps
    • Craig will advertise rounds in SD this week
  2. Signup Closes July 7th
  3. Pairings to be done by July 18th
    • Craig/Heather will outline duties/slots that other council members can signup for to assist with pairings.
    • Recommend doing specific category request pairings first, since they may struggle to find matches at the end.
    • Confirm we are not working on pairings at the same time (so that we aren’t accidentally working over each other and misaligning pairings).
    • Create a manual waitlist for people that aren’t paired.
  4. Ongoing documentation for future iterations
    • This is a transition/learning process where we’ll create documentation as we go.
    • Record what we’re doing so there is a log/record of what we’re working on so we can create text/iterate through the process without creating a significant burden on contributors and all collaborate on creating it.


  • Share drive folder with board members
  • Define slots/roles
  • Promoting to our networks to bridge the mentor gap
  • Share roadmap (Heather)
  • Send recording out (Craig)
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