Meeting attendees: Scott, Harsha, Brittany

1. Candidate Advocacy Meetings

  • How we want these meetings to look moving forward?
    • Roles: Every committee should have a chair and a scribe. Make sure all action items are getting done and don’t fall through cracks. The scribe will take meeting notes and sharing notes. (Scott wants this to be across the board with all committees so people outside of committee can check in with notes). 
    • Sending weekly reminders in Basecamp for updates per person.
      • Mondays at 3pm PT. What did you work on this week? Any updates to share? Anything you need help on?
      • Frequency of meetings:
        • We need to set the roles first to determine how frequently to meet.
  • This could be a steering committee for other meetings: Weekly Round-Up, Job Board, Salary Survey, etc.
    • Volunteers:
      • How do we get engaged volunteers? Brittany will send her volunteers a quick Loom intro video. 
      • How do we make meetings more formal? Agendas, Roles. How do we want to determine these things? Scribe and committee chair. 

2. Job Site: 

  • Scott implemented a nominal fee for employers to have access to the resumes and set an approval requirement from employers due to the spamming issue from a few weeks ago; however, now there have been no new employers posting jobs. Scott will remove the waiting period and just leave the fee for employers.
    • Free job postings:
      • Do we want to offer a package for anyone who wants to post jobs to be able to post the first job for free?

3. SD Hiring Success Stories: 

  • Harsha to finish up Postman’s story (include pictures in the post)
  • Continue to reach out to candidates who’d want to share success stories through a blog post (start w/ Postman folks but reach out to other interested people from the community)

4. Social Media Volunteer:

    • Someone to post blogs and quotes, etc. 
    • Post Weekly Round-Up from the previous week.
    • What does this look like?



  • Scott will set up Bot for Wednesday Job Seeker Thread in Slack.
  • Scott will check and remove the email validation in the sign-up flow (observed no new posting since that was turned ON so something seems to be wrong?)
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