Hiring managers post their jobs in the Support Driven community to find the best candidates. We also share jobs we’ve found through our professional network that we think are worth paying attention to. This post is a small sample of those jobs and some of the great candidates in our community.

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Jobs Spotlight


  • LaunchGood Inc, Customer Experience Manager (Remote) 
  • Sprout Social, Head of Customer Support (Chicago, IL, Seattle, WA, Remote)
  • The Predictive Index, Data Engineer and User Support Specialist (Boston or US Remote) 
  • Housekeep, Customer Service and Operation Manager (London, UK) 
  • Housekeep, Head of Customer Experience (London, UK)
  • Drop, Customer Support Associate (Toronto, Canada)
  • Walker Tracker, Part-Time Support Agent (Portland, OR) 
  • Seek Thermal, Customer Service Manager (Santa Barbara, CA, US)
  • The Cru, Cru Guide (Remote, preference for the greater-NYC region)
  • Thinkific, Customer Champion (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
  • UJET, Tier 3 Customer Support Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Check out more great opportunities on our Job Board and in #job-board in the Support Driven Slack.

Candidate Spotlight


Each week we spotlight a few candidates from our Wednesday Job Seeker Thread in #job-board who are searching for new opportunities.


  • Hey I’m Jack! I live in Sonoma CA and I’m looking for my new remote support role. My main mission is to leave people happier than they were before and to also encourage cross-departmental collaboration to avoid support becoming an island. I’m currently working on upskilling in Python and automations that add to quality of life and making sure that folx feel valued and not palmed off with an auto-response. It’d be lovely to chat if you have any openings you think I’d be a good match for: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-allan/
  • Hi it’s Scott Hopper.  I’m in Westport, CT, interested in Customer Support Manager or TAM roles in NYC and Boston. My value icomes from curiosity, empathy and grit. Whether it’s understanding complex problems like how to turn Megabytes of data into Kilobytes of actionable information or making realizations that one of your weakest links in cloud experience is likely your DNS response time. I continue to learn new technologies like MongoDB and programming technologies that can exploit and test it.   As well as continually write or deliver presentations on technology.  If you seek value, I deliver. https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottahopper
  •  Hello, my name is Mitch, out of the northwest burbs of Chicago. I have 8 plus years of experience but 6 plus years experience in program management. I have worked in the medical and SaaS areas working directly with sales, internal stakeholders, development teams, and support staff. I have experience with Jira, Salesforce, Zendesk, SAP, and more. Open to all remote or office work. https://www.linkedin.coml/in/Mitchellryangordon 

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