The Support Driven community has come a long way since we started with 10 people in 2014. After 6 years and over 7500 people in the community it’s time to think about what’s next for Support Driven. We built this community together so I spoke with many of you about what’s important about the community and ideas for what we could do next.

From our conversations, some of the themes around what’s important to you include:

  • Building relationships with people that relate to the work you do in customer support
  • Discovering great jobs and hiring great people for those jobs
  • Learning how other people have solved the problems you’re facing
  • Having a relatively safe place to speak openly

We also talked about less serious but still important things you appreciated in the community such as:

  • Matt’s weekly donut in #x-food, what better way to know Friday is around the corner
  • Andrew chiming in with some word play that makes you roll your eyes, sigh, and think that it’s so bad it’s good
  • Johnathan and Beth keeping things silly in #silly
  • The collective cuteness of everyone’s animal friends in #x-fuzzyfriends
  • Lance and Abby sharing music and stories in #x-music
  • The sometimes terrifying, sometimes hilarious things people go through in #vent


You also shared some amazing ideas about what we could do as a community such as:

  • Resume reviews because we could all use good feedback on our resumes
  • Private spaces without coworkers and clients
  • New Manager courses and study groups because we would all like to have and be good managers
  • Mock interviews for when we need to shake the rust off our interviewing skills
  • Director level peer groups to learn from each other and refer opportunities
  • A record of our most valuable conversations in Slack because we lose access to previous conversations quickly on the free Slack plan
  • Startup accelerator to create and nurture more companies that value customer support
  • Cross training and collaboration between diversity, equity, and inclusion groups at member companies
  • Recommendation site to make it easier to discover what apps and services help us get our jobs done.
  • Support Driven Women’s conference to encourage and support more women in our industry

These ideas are fantastic so please keep sharing them. It’s exciting to think about what we could create and how it could help the community. If you’d like to be a part of our journey, join our community newsletter for updates.


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