I’ve reached out to many of you to talk about Support Driven and where we could go next. You’ve shared a lot of amazing ideas that could make a huge difference for individuals and for our industry. By implementing your ideas, we have the power to change our industry.

However, we’re going to need to get a little more organized than we are now. We need to grow into a professional association of customer support professionals with the Support Driven community at the center of it.

Professional associations have existed for a long time in other industries and they help people to support each other, develop careers, and work together to change and shape the future. We want to learn from the best aspects of how professional associations serve their membership and adapt it to our community. We want to look beyond what professional associations have done and explore unconventional opportunities that could benefit our community.

This is our professional “neighborhood”. It’s the place where people in our industry will come to know you, support you, and nurture your growth and development. It’s the place where we can bring ideas to life and to create nice things that support us throughout our career.

What would you like to see in our neighborhood? What would you want to exist? We’re creating this together and we need community builders and volunteers to build this neighborhood.

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