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Question for the Answer Bot (AB) gurus: So AB is coming up with suggested articles when users (or me in this example) submit a ticket via our ticket forms. But then for email notification triggers that use the value of {{answer_bot.article_count}} to determine whether it should include AB article suggestions, it keeps coming up with 0 suggested articles. Why would this be?

“Got an answer: “If you receive Answer Bot suggestions for requests submitted via the web form on your Help Center, then that ticket is excluded from having articles be suggested again once the trigger runs.”

Josh Keller, Sr. TechOps Manager, Customer Ops @ Udemy

Hi all, bringing this back again, I have already consulted zendesk support and it seems there is not much flexibility from an SEO perspective in Guide. So I was wondering if anyone has any “hacks” or other solutions regarding the following questions :

• Can we create custom meta description fields?
• How can we create custom SEO friendly URLs? Can we remove the ID out of the URL or perhaps include it as a parameter like:
• Can we use Server Side permanent (301) redirects (either when an article is deleted or a duplicate is available)
• How canonical tags and alternate hreflang are used? Can they be edited somehow?
• Can we create custom Page Titles? We see that currently, as the title of the article, which is also the H1, is automatically tagged also for Page Title. Is it possible to differentiate those?
• Is it possible to define Headlines and most importantly H1’s? We identified that many websites running Zendesk have multiple H1’s (when it should be only 1). Can this be addressed in the CMS?

Dave Dyson, Customer Service Evangelist at Zendesk

Does anyone know if there’s a way to get good csat comments from Zendesk chat into a Slack channel? I know you can do it with email csat comments with webhooks/zapier, but wondering if it’s possible with chat.

Dave Dyson, Customer Service Evangelist at Zendesk

Editor’s Note: To achieve this you need to create a ticket and use HTTP target for notifying Slack when new Satisfaction rating with comment is received from Chat as a channel. Check this Community tip for more details – https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360029529674-Push-notifications-from-Zendesk-to-Slack

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