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Question about internal users i.e. light agents usage and management in Zendesk.
So far, it has been a great tool to gather the requests that come from our internal users (I have all internal users who need to be light agents in a group). But, one hurdle I ran into recently and only realized after 4 week in on ZD is the private note situation. Where the tickets are not ‘re-opened’ from internal comments.
Is my team really left with having to monitor email and notifications of comments from internal users?
also note, I am using a separate ‘Brand’ just for internal task/requests so the possibility to build a separate flow and triggers from the main one is possible.

  • You need to build a new trigger. This is ours for light agent emails [Editor’s Note: This example is for light agents updating by email]

  • That’s another trigger that opens the ticket if the private comment text contains “#open” [Editor’s Note: Another way to do this, which should work for tickets updated in the agent workspace with the keyworded comment text]

What is your contingency plan should Zendesk go down?

  • It would be something along those lines:
  • Inform our users about the issue through our other channels : Twitter, our Slack community and website banner/status page
  • Activate a auto-reply in our email inbox to let users know that there might be an impact to response time due to the situation
  • If the outage is very long we would also consider redirecting our mail box to our previous system that is still operational for other business units. This is for a no phone/chat/mostly email, lower volume, high complexity support where a response time within 1 business day is fine. It would probably not work for a more transactional customer service or for highly critical always on systems (banking, health sector etc).

– Jimmy De Santis, Customer Service Experience at BIM Track


  • Similar to the above, with the addition that we have a help center banner and in-app chatbot we can/would use to communicate major service outages if necessary.
  • It’s a good reason to make sure not all your eggs are in one basket. It only took a few most-of-the-day site outages for my old leadership to understand the value of StatusPage over our own status page, for example.

Does anyone know if there’s an app (or anything) that offers kind of a training mode for new agents? Like where their (proposed) responses would go to designated members of the team to check over before sending?

  • This is also something you could set up on your own with triggers depending on the help desk you are using. With Zendesk should be relatively painless, I do similar stuff to redirect tickets when people are off.

– Simone Secci, Head of Support at Doodle


  • We have a similar +1 situation going initially. To Simone’s point you can set up a macro/trigger combo to either re-assign to a review queue or push notifications for review to other parties. We just have our agents post the ticket link to slack for a second look because we don’t do it for long.
  • We use light agents for new agents, and let them post their responses as private comments for the team to review.
  • Luckily for us we have Lessonly, where you can build training decks and workflows around tickets.
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