We’re sharing highlights from our #u-zendesk channel in our Slack community, we hope this will be useful for people.

Let’s get into this week’s highlights.

A very simple question. Is it me or do we have to log into Zendesk every day? I just recently got ZD for my team and it has required signup every day.  I remember from before that I didn’t have to do this? Is it a new thing oк anyone knows about this?

“There’s an automatic timeout setting, which I believe defaults to 8 hours: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022177594-Managing-security-settings-in-Admin-Center#topic_w3j_wkv_gfb.”

– Dave Dyson, Customer Service Evangelist at Zendesk

We are new using Zendesk and we are using it to report bugs over to Jira for dev.  I’d love to download and learn any workflows that have worked for you and your teams. Ways you categorize and sync between the platforms, and automations you have found useful.

“Hey Harrison, my teams have been using the JIRA app to link tickets to associated JIRA tickets and it’s been relatively smooth process. Agents also seem to like the ease of use. Once it’s synched up with your JIRA account, the agent would just need to do a quick search in the app to find the bug report and then link the Zendesk ticket to it. The only issue we’ve found is that there is a limit of I think 200 or 250  Zendesk tickets that you can connect to a JIRA ticket this way. So depending on the volume you see, you may need to create additional JIRA tickets to support the volume..”

Nick Smith, Manager of Billing Support @ Mailchimp

Hi, does anyone know what the difference is between the time filter Ticket Updates – Update and Ticket Updates – Ticket updated in Explore? I’m trying to figure out which of these would give me the correct value of how much time my agents have tracked on tickets (ticket handling time) in the given time period.

“Ticket Updates – Update – any update. Ticket Updates – Ticket updated – last update. You should definitely use Ticket Updates – Update since you want to see exact numbers related to dates when events have been occuring (events mean here records with Time spent from Time Tracking app).”

Andrei Kamarouski, CEO at Pythia AI

Editor’s Note: To calculate Time Tracking reports (mentioned in 3rd question) rely on this Zendesk Explore recipe. 

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