We set out to create events that work for everyone in Support – from folks on the front lines to managers and up. That’s why we’ve created different types of conferences — we know that one size doesn’t always fit all.

Support Driven Expo

SD Expo is all about bringing the Support Driven community together – to learn, share, and socialize around common interests. Expo is the way to experience the online Support Driven community in real life. Expo is a multi-track choose-your-own adventure  that includes two days of talks and workshops, along with community-organized meetups.

  • SD Expo Europe: in April 2019, we are excited to bring SD Expo to Europe, for our first ever European Support Driven event
  • SD Expo Americas: North American Summer each year in Portland, Oregon, USA

Support Driven Leadership Summit

SD Summit, held in North American Autumn, brings together leaders in customer support, customer success, and operations to help you become a better leader. Summit is a single-track event that includes case studies, lightning talks, and breakout sessions. It is designed to be more than just talks: we aim to create an experience that helps you meet and build relationships with leaders who can help you with the challenges you’re facing today and tomorrow.

Other Events

Be sure to check the Support Driven Events Calendar for webinars, community meetups, book club meetings, and other events each month.