💕A sentimental note

People can get weird when they’re about to speak to an audience and I am no exception. At the first Support Driven conference, I found myself shoeless and on-stage while I pulled out my phone to Snapchat a 4 second selfie to my mother. As for the talk I gave, I don’t remember a word of what I said and—to this day—I refuse to watch the recording.

There were only a few hundred members when I signed up for the Support Driven Slack group. Today, the workspace directory says there are 3,455 of us around the globe. I’m tremendously thankful this community has supported my career growth over the years. I’m even more thankful for the opportunity to give back as a sponsor on behalf of Abstract.

More than that, I am proud to be part of the Support Driven community where we collectively challenge the status quo to elevate the impact of support teams everywhere.

During my interviews, it was clear Josh and Kevin wanted to build a support driven company. Honestly, I’ve never met two founders with an articulated vision about the value of support. We are building a company where teams work together in the interest of the customer. Having support-for-support at the “top” makes a world of difference on a team with our ambitious goals.

We are support driven. 

To me, the meaning is two-fold. Everyday, we work together to listen to our customers to improve workflows for design professionals. Everyday, we get to champion the change the Support Driven community has dreamt about for years.

Help us build this. We’d love to have you.

Coley Logan
Head of Support

Meet Abstract

Our office is in the Mission in San Francisco, California. We are a partly distributed, United States-based team of 34 people and counting.

The executive leadership team includes Josh Brewer as Chief Executive Officer 🤓, Kevin Smith as Chief Technology Officer 🥐, Wendy Schott as Chief Revenue Officer 🎸, Alan Johnson as Vice President of Engineering 🐶, Heather Philips as Director of Design 🎨, Aditya Khargonekar as Director of Business Operations 🏀, and Coley Logan as Head of Support 💅🏻. We’re very fortunate to have Jabu Dayton 🔮 contractually advise as Head of People Operations.

We are backed by Amplify PartnersCowboy Ventures, First Round CapitalScale Venture Partners and others. We announced our $16MM series B funding in May 2018. 🎉

✨Here are some fun photos from a recent company event.

Andrew (engineering), Jordan (design), Tim (design), and Sara (support) socialize before a company meeting at our headquarters in San Francisco. About half the company is distributed throughout the United States so we tend to have a company meet-up once or twice a year to work with each other in person. I wonder where our next meet-up will be!

Irenka takes a moment to serenade the office with Wendy and Olivia. Irenka works on the support team, Wendy is our Chief Revenue Officer, and Olivia keeps us all going as our office manager. All three women practice their respective instruments at their own pace.

Sara tends to share Buzzfeed quizzes with the support team as a way to give our brains a rest. Here, she explains the healing power of crystals and minerals to Aditya, our Head of Business Operations. Needless to say, Adit is not here for it.

Our CEO, Josh, invited Aileen Lee to speak to our team during a meet-up in San Francisco. Aileen is a member of our board and the founder of Cowboy Ventures. Clearly, we’re thrilled to have her vote of confidence.

The support team strategizes about some customer conversations—or maybe we were talking about our Golden Girls quiz results. And yes, that is our CEO in the back playing guitar.

Tom (engineering) has started taking our team photos with his drone. Here, we’ve gathered in Dolores Park to enjoy the sunshine before a team dinner and happy hour. Though we do have occasional team happy hours, there are plenty of people who prefer non-alcoholic beverages when socializing with the team. You do you, you know?

Open roles

Support Specialist

We’re looking for a general support specialist to help us on the front-lines. Support specialists will contribute to team and company goals by providing human-centric and timely support to the Abstract community. As a team, we actively communicate customer needs within the organization to reduce friction points for customers. Support specialists will learn and develop skills to collaborate cross-functionally in the interest of customer advocacy and proactive support—we want to help you build a long, successful career.

This role will be essential in helping our company keep customer needs front and center. We’re looking for someone who is as passionate about this company value as we are.

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Senior Support Specialist

We’re looking for a senior support specialist to help us with escalated and urgent support conversations. It’s critical for senior support specialists to comprehend complex technical issues then distill what they’ve learned into clear communication with our customers—without burdening them with too much information. Senior support specialists will continue to build specialized skills focused on collaborating cross-functionally in the interest of customer advocacy and proactive support. We want to help you build a long, successful career.

This role will be essential in helping our company keep customer needs front and center. We’re looking for someone who is as passionate about this company value as we are.

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User Education Content Strategist

We’re looking for an experienced content strategist to help achieve our goals. The content strategist will lead us in optimizing self-service resources for our community. They will determine strategy, manage self-service content, and establish internal documentation workflows. Cross-functional collaboration with support, product, marketing, and sales is essential. They will report to our Chief Revenue Officer.

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