Growing your support team?

                                               We’ve got a growth kit for you!

More and more customers are contacting you, your response times are becoming longer, and no amount of coffee is helping you get through the tickets. You realize that your current team is overloaded – you need to hire more people and probably set up self-service options so your customers can get answers faster. This can be a little scary as you will have quite a number of decisions to make. Should I hire two people or just one? How do I set up roles for them? What would their career growth look like? How should I train them? How will I help my team achieve their best and make customers happy?

At Freshdesk, we’ve taken our support team from 1 to 10 in the first two years and then from 30 to 60 in the last three years. We’ve learnt some lessons along the way, and we’d like to share those lessons and help you in your journey as you get started and expand your team and strategy. Come, book a session with us. We’ll listen to you, and help you come up with a plan, just for your team.

Book a time with us to get help with:


  • Practical tips on getting started with your knowledge base (and maintaining it)
  • Building a team from scratch – planning for hiring, training and career growth
  • Setting up a customer success team (we’ll tell you if you need one!)

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Freshdesk is helpdesk software by Freshworks which streamlines customer conversations across channels like email, social media, phone and chat. With a powerful suite of intuitive features that focus on productivity and collaboration, it makes it easy for teams of all sizes to ensure a great support experience for customers. Freshdesk is used today by over 150,000 customers across industries, including Bridgestone, HP, Harvard University and DHL.

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