Learn all about AI + knowledge management to cut handle times and make customers 🙂

Connect with the Guru team at SDX! We’re here to chat about all things AI and knowledge management…tell us about your specific needs and challenges, and we’ll share relevant insights and resources to help reduce response and resolution times + improve key metrics (CSAT, NPS, CES).

We are also excited to launch the Guru bot in the SupportDriven Slack community, enabling you to quickly search nuggets of wisdom right within Slack – just ask and we’ll give you a tour!

Book 30 minutes with us to get help with:

  • Identifying and improving inefficiencies with complex support cases
  • A no-nonsense primer on AI for support
  • How to ask the right questions of AI & knowledge management vendors
  • Ways to use internal + external knowledge more effectively in support conversations
  • Making knowledge management not suck

What is Guru?

We amplify the collective intelligence of your team by bringing your agents trusted, accurate knowledge right into their workflow —decreasing handle time and increasing CSAT.

A knowledge-centered approach 
to AI

Simple verification workflow to automatically remind you when to update your knowledge.


Amplified, dynamic intelligence

AI should make our lives better, not replace us. Empower your agents with accurate, contextual knowledge so they can focus on delivering dynamic and personal customer experiences.

Endlessly Embeddable

Your customers ask questions in lots of places. Guru gives you limitless flexibility, easily embedding into any ticketing, chat, or social console.

Our team previously relied on “hive mind” information. The product that we support is fairly complicated, and though we have great documentation, there are huge amounts of one-off questions which have answers that are only stored in our brains. Guru has enabled us to do a “brain dump”, and has changed the way we manage that information.

Morgan Imel

Customer Support Analyst, Looker