Breakfast and Lunch Spots


In addition to its amazing public transit, Portland is known for its food. Expo lunch break is two hours so you can get out and enjoy the extensive options Portland offers, whether on foot or by streetcar. There are several food cart pods within walking distance, and with two hours for lunch, the entire city is accessible to you by streetcar. A large proportion of Portland eateries offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options, so click the links to check menus. Here are some recommendations from the Portland community (#zlocal-portland on the Support Driven Slack):

  • More than 500 food carts all over Portland. They are arranged in pods. Here’s a map of Portland’s Food Cart Pods.
  • Food cart pod at SW 10th and Alder
  • Food cart pod at SW 4th and Hall
  • Coco Donuts and Coffee at 1808 SW Broadway
  • Café Yumm at PSU Rec Center: bowls, wraps, bentos, with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.
  • Prasad at 925 NW Davis St, just up the streetcar line: vegan and gluten-free
  • Los Gorditos at 922 NW Davis St (across the street from Prasad): vegetarian, vegan, and meat options
  • Phat Cart at 420 SW College St (cart turned brick and mortar): breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Duck House corner of SW 5th and College Street: close to campus, great for a group meal, some of the best Chinese food in Portland
  • Veggie Grill at 508 SW Taylor St: “sort of hybrid veg ‘junk food’ + interesting healthy stuff” – Alexis
  • Raven and Rose at 1331 SW Broadway: local cuisine inspired by the British Isles
  • Pizza by the slice: Pizza Schmizza at 415 SW Montgomery St
  • Pizza by the slice: HOTLIPS Pizza at SW 6th near Hall
  • Pizza by the slice: Pizzacato at 1708 SW 6th Ave

Here’s what the Portland community had to say about these choices:

… Oh and Duck House is close to campus and perfect for a group meal….some of the best Chinese food in Portland proper.

– Heather Knight of Airbnb

– Rita Snodgrass of Portland State University

– Andrew Spittle of Automattic

Veggie Grill (sort of hybrid veg ‘junk food’ + interesting healthy stuff) is on 5th and Taylor. Lots of good Med. restaurants downtown, including Karam (my fave). Across the street from Prasad is Los Gorditos, which has great Mex vegetarian & meat options. Those were my goto places when I worked out of WeWork.

– Alexis of Hashicorp