The Venue: The Viking Pavilion at the Peter W. Stott Center

In a change from last year’s SDX, we’re going to be in a new venue! And by new, we don’t just mean new to us: we mean brand spanking new. While the Expo will remain in Portland this year, we are moving from the shared Student Union from 2017 to Portland State’s Viking Pavilion, and we’re going to have it all to ourselves!

Located on PSU campus at 930 SW Hall St, in the Peter W. Stott Center, the Viking Pavilion is in the heart of downtown Portland. In true Portland fashion, it is dedicated to sustainability: it’s pedestrian-friendly, close to public transit, uses non-toxic building materials, sources it’s food locally and sustainably, and tracks and composts food waste.

We recommend walking or using public transit to get to the venue. If you prefer to drive, limited parking is available for the Viking Pavilion in Parking Structure 3, at 1631 SW 12th Avenue. If you will be picked up and dropped off, the best place for a car, Lyft, or Uber to drop off or pick up at the venue is the corner of SW College Street and SW Park Avenue on PSU campus.

Room Locations