Support Bars at SD Expo

Trade Show sponsors work with teams across the support industry and provide tools for knowledge management, quality assurance, helpdesks, and AI, just to name a few. Similar to Apple’s Genius bar, Support Bars at Expo will give you an opportunity to engage with experts from these companies outside of a sales context: sponsors are not there to close deals or deliver sales pitches, they are there to provide knowledge and insight. They see the various ways support departments approach specific problems, and have a broad perspective for helping Expo attendees figure out an approach for your own company. For example, Help Scout will have a support bar to answer questions about live chat best practices, Statuspage is offering incident response audits, and Freshdesk is offering help on how to build a team from scratch.

Many sponsors are providing the option to book times with them so that you can choose a time that works with your personal Expo schedule. Chat about:

Come chat about all things chat with Help Scout

We’ll share:

  • How to overcome “the fear of chat” in your team
  • Best practices for support over chat
  • 5 rollout mistakes to avoid
  • Sweet Help Scout Swag!

AI and knowledge management with Guru

Book 30 minutes with us to get help with:

  • Identifying and improving inefficiencies with complex support cases
  • A no-nonsense primer on AI for support
  • How to ask the right questions of AI & knowledge management vendors
  • Ways to use internal + external knowledge more effectively in support conversations
  • Making knowledge management not suck

Building and scaling remote teams with PartnerHero

We’d love to chat with you about:

  • Building and supporting products with a remote team
  • Scaling your vision without sacrificing company culture
  • Localizing your products and services by hiring in-market

Your knowledgebase and building a team from scratch with Freshdesk

Come by to get help with:

  • Practical tips on getting started with your knowledge base (and maintaining it)
  • Building a team from scratch – planning for hiring, training and career growth
  • Setting up a customer success team (we’ll tell you if you need one!)


Learn how to improve your incident response with Statuspage

Book a 30-minute slot to get help with:

  • Status page design & customizations
  • Crafting an incident communication plan
  • Best practices for incident response
  • And more!

Automation and backlog efficiency with AnswerIQ

Book a time with us to find out how to:

  • Efficiently manage your growing backlog
  • Automatically respond to your customers in real time
  • Empower your agents with the best responses when human touch is paramount

Using calls effectively and reducing call no-shows with YouCanBookMe

Book a time with us to get help with:

  • Building a call-scheduling workflow your entire team can use
  • Tactics to reduce no-shows and ease call preparation
  • Strategies for using calls effectively in support and success contexts

How Intercom’s team uses Intercom

Book 30 minutes with us! We’ll be on hand to help with:

  • Product Questions
  • Best Practice Advice
  • Troubleshooting

Artificial Intelligence and support augmentation with DigitalGenius

Book a time with us to get help with:

  • Real customer stories that show how AI is already helping support teams around the world
  • How AI augments the agent role, letting you focus on the interesting & complex stuff
  • How to get started
  • Answers to your own questions

Tips, tricks, and tools for super fast responses with Median

Book a time with us to:

  • Learn Tips & Tricks for super fast responses
  • Discover little known tools that give your team superpowers
  • Hear about best practices for handling peaks and valleys in support volume
  • Get a FREE Median t-shirt!

How to Provide Customer Centric Support with Kustomer

We’ll be covering:

  • Best Practices for Providing Customer Centric Support
  • <li style="text-align: left;" how="" to="" get="" deeper="" insight="" from="" your="" customer="" data

  • Practical tips around object oriented support

Consistent, efficient, and human communication with TextExpander

Visit the TextExpander booth at the Support Driven Expo and learn how to recall all of your common customer replies, just by typing in a quick abbreviation. We will have some of our team there to show you how to keep your support team’s communication consistent by accessing ready-made replies from your knowledge base.

Book a time with us to learn about:

  • Automating responses with custom fields to stop sounding like a robot
  • Improving workflow of the entire support team
  • How to develop communication, manage consistency and ensure accuracy
  • While at our booth, take a 30-second typing test for a chance to win a prize