Take a speed typing test and win a prize!

Learn how to instantly retrieve your most-used customer replies with a quick abbreviation.

Visit the TextExpander booth at the Support Driven Expo and learn how to recall all of your common customer replies, just by typing in a quick abbreviation. We will have some of our team there to show you how to keep your support team’s communication consistent by accessing ready-made replies from your knowledge base.

Book a time with us to learn about:

  • Automating responses with custom fields to stop sounding like a robot
  • Improving workflow of the entire support team
  • How to develop communication, manage consistency and ensure accuracy
  • While at our booth, take a 30-second typing test for a chance to win a prize

What is TextExpander?

TextExpander allows you to access your team’s knowledge base using simple keyboard shortcuts, to recall your best words or customer responses for any support situation.

Call up your most-used customer replies

Don’t waste time typing out things you and your team have already worded perfectly. Capture the important pieces of your customer support responses, emails, and instructions so you never have to retype them again.

Reuse your best responses as you type

Assign an abbreviation for quick access to pre-written content, without removing your fingers from the keyboard. From defining industry terms to expanding whole email templates, TextExpander is providing the next level in support.

Personalize standard responses with custom fields

Your personal knowledge base is always a keyboard click away. Stop sounding like a robot with the ability to personalize preapproved responses which are available to the entire support team.


“TextExpander allows us to be both more efficient, and more personal with our customers. By using TextExpander to repeat common directions or explanations, we save an hour a day for each team member. It means we can use reclaimed time to help the next customer sooner, and slow down to make each response personal.”

Todd Curtis

Chief Customer Officer

“TextExpander is a huge productivity boost, especially during our most stressful times. TextExpander makes my team communicate better.”

Rick Myers

Director of Customer Service