Our goal with this year’s pricing is to make it accessible to as many people as we can in the support industry. That’s why we have adopted a new ticket structure similar to Write The Docs ― pick your ticket based on your situation.

See you in Portland June 21-22!


Buy this ticket if you work at a company with 10+ employees and they are paying for you to go. Bring your team of 4+ and get tickets for $450 each.


Startup or Non-Profit

Buy this ticket if you work at a non-profit or a company with less than 10 employees and they are paying for you to go.



Buy this ticket if you are paying for yourself to attend or are currently enrolled as a student.


Scholarship Program

We’re offering a few deserving recipients a free ticket to SD Expo through our popular scholarship program. The scholarship program is for anyone who wants to get better at support and for those looking to get into support as a career.

Applications are due May 15th, and scholarships will be awarded before May 31st.

Refund Policy

Refunds are accepted up until the day of the conference.

Please take a minute to review our Code of Conduct for the Support Driven community.