There are 12 tracks at SD Expo 2018 with lots of talks and workshops for you to attend!

At Expo, we focus on actionable takeaways you can learn from and share with your team.

Essentials of Support:

We know many of you have a lot of thoughts and ideas for how to do the job of providing support, and how do it better! From the basics of phone skills to tools and tricks for wrangling your queues, this track includes anything and everything about the day to day nitty-gritty details of doing the support job. While this track will primarily focus on the job of a support agent, managers may find new ideas to help their agents work faster. Stronger. Better.

Moving to Management:

Are you making a transition from individual contributor to managing a team? Are you bewildered/terrified by the thoughts of “direct reports”, “accountability” and “performance evaluations”? Or are you just debating whether to dip your toe into this pool? This is the track for you! Come learn from people who have made the leap before you and unlock all the secrets of managing team dynamics, providing growth and development advice, and how to balance your new perspective!

Customer Success:

A customer has just signed up for your service. Now what? How do they learn how to use the product, or avoid common mistakes? Is it best to use video, schedule calls with them, or turn them loose on a well managed FAQ? Then, once you have put all that effort into training them just the way you want, how do you keep them? Whether you want answers to these questions or want to share how you reduced your customer churn to zero, there is room for you here.

Running the Support Department:

Scaling! Scheduling! Managing that prickly relationship with accounting! This track is all about the Support Department as a whole and how it fits into the company. Share how you got Support a seat at the table, came to be included in discussions with product, design, and finally got Tammy Sue in accounting to stop rejecting your expense reports!

Support Engineering:

Code is the backbone of our products and the tools we use for supporting those products. But what exactly is coding? Whether you are a coding wizard or just curious about what API means, this track is for you. Learn from engineers how the guts of the systems work, their processes for creating tools for support, or how you can tweak the tools to better work for you!

Support Communities:

A well-engaged community for your product is an amazing resource. Engaged users are more likely to provide feedback on new products, help new customers find answers, and often, use your product in new and unthought of ways!  This track is all about the Community – strategies for building a community center, engaging your customers, and then leveraging their expertise, their passion, and their ideas once you have built it.

Knowledge Management:  

We all know that finding the information to do our job is one of the most time consuming parts of the job itself. Customers write in asking questions our Help Center clearly answers, but for some reason they were unable to find the right article. Your internal wiki is spread over several thousand google docs and a couple of Excel spreadsheets; some processes are even printed out and pasted to the wall – you know there has to be a better way! These workshops and talks will show you all the ins and outs of how to build a knowledge system, how to maintain it, and how to get people to use it.

Company Culture:

Culture is a huge topic these days in the job world. It is one of the things which attracts people to companies and permeates everything from hiring to happy hours. When done well it can make work a joy but when it goes sour…. We want to hear about your struggles and successes with diversity and inclusion, how to develop culture in a remote team, and how to fix it when things go wrong.

Working with Data:

In many companies, Data is the Supreme Decider. It is how you argue for headcount, allocation of resources, which bugs are fixed and which features are prioritized. But just pulling data is hard enough for many people, let alone how to present it in a meaningful way!  Whether you are data illiterate or are the high Grand Master of SQL, join us to teach or learn something new!

Career Development:

While not specifically part of a support job, growth and development is nonetheless important for anyone who works in any job. Job satisfaction is higher if you feel you are always learning and stagnation is a quick route to the front door. Maybe you are in the process of polishing your resume, or want to go into salary negotiations with your current job, or maybe you want to start mentoring new hires, come here to share your experiences and help teach new skills!

What’s Next in Support:

What is a support role going to look like in the future? Are AI and chatbots the path forward or are there other methods starting to pop up? How will changing technologies impact user experience and how will support be changing to keep up? This is the track for dreaming big about the future of Support, for sharing those ideas you came up with ten hours into a sixteen hour day, for discussing what this field looks like in 10, 15, 20 years down the road.