Elevate Your Job with Next-Generation Super-Tools to Provide Superb Service

Come visit DigitalGenius at SDX and find out how we’re helping transform the support role of thousands of agents around the world with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. We’ll have team members from our commercial and technical teams to show you how other companies have taken their contact centers to the next level.


Book a time with us to get help with:

  • Real customer stories that show how AI is already helping support teams around the world
  • How AI augments the agent role, letting you focus on the interesting & complex stuff
  • How to get started
  • Answers to your own questions

About DigitalGenius

DigitalGenius is the AI Platform for your contact center. It enables companies to leverage practical applications of artificial intelligence to provide outstanding experiences to customers at scale.

Great support while scaling up

Growing fast sometimes means less time for each customer. Our platform is built with fast-growing companies in mind so you can keep your customers happy no matter the volumes.

State of the art technology

Our team of researchers and engineers are developing scalable deep learning products that transform or massively improve critical business functions

DigitalGenius has helped us improve the speed and efficiency of our customer support empowering agents to focus on our #1 priority, Joybird customers.

Nelson Keating

Sr. Product Manager, Joybird

We want to better serve our travellers every day, which means quick response times for traveller queries and personalized service. With our partnership with DigitalGenius, we let computers do what they do best and leave the work involving real human connection to our experts.

Symen Jansma

CEO and Founder, TravelBird