Build the Robot, Don't Be the Robot

Drop by Zapier’s table at SDX to geek out about automation and hear more about the humans behind the workflows. Zapier enables easy automation for busy people, moving info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. Folks from our support team will be there to answer any questions you might have, so come say hello!

We’re Hiring!

If you love interacting with people on a daily basis to help them learn how to optimize their work then check out our job listings for Customer Champion (Eastern Hemisphere)Customer Champion (Western Hemisphere)API Specialist (Eastern Hemisphere)Customer Champion – API Specialist (Western Hemisphere), and Support Manager! You can also read more about the hiring process and our commitment to applicants here.

How We Work

Camaraderie from afar

The fact that we’re 100% distributed—spread across 15 time zones in 17 countries—doesn’t hold us back from getting to know each other. Daily conversation in chat includes non-work topics like #cooking and #scifi, weekly posts to our company blog show off pictures of pets and hobbies, and twice-annually we all come together for an all-team retreat that includes an adventure day.

Diversity and inclusion focus

We’re dedicated to building a warm, open, and inclusive work environment—one that’s safe for people of all backgrounds. To this end, when you join our team, you agree to a code of conduct. And our steps to improve diversity and inclusion at Zapier are published in a public changelog.

Opportunity to grow

On our mission to make everyone more productive at work, we still have a ways to go—we’re just 2.5m people in so far. Our leadership team makes our profitability and product plans clear, and with a value “default to action,” you’re empowered to work on what interests you and your skills in that area.

Solve interesting problems

Our product integrates 1,000+ online tools to make it easy for anyone to connect apps to get more work done. Supporting and evolving our product is no easy task itself, though. Our “build the robot” value yields outsized impacts and our all-hands support approach brings everyone to the table.