Support Driven is the community dedicated to support as a career. The Support Driven Slack is a lively and active place where we share ideas and ask questions in channels like #leadership, #diversity-inclusion, #career-development, and #knowledge-management.

Sometimes all the great conversations on Slack are hard to keep up with. Sometimes someone shares a resource that gets lost in the backscroll, or two weeks later another member of the community says, “Does anyone remember the name of that great article shared in here a few weeks ago, the one about…?”

We are experimenting with sharing some of that content — recommendations from folks in the community — on the website. Our hope is that this will make it easier to find some of these great resources even after they’ve disappeared in the Slack backscroll.

We’re going to start small to see how this works. Click on a group name in the menu to read community-recommended content. For now we’ll focus on #leadership.

If you’re not in the Support Driven Slack and would like to be, register to join.

Groups-related content on the website: