If we had access to department level data from other support departments, how would that change the conversations we have about budgets and resources?

Get the 2020 Heads of Support Report

Why is this important?

We’ve seen the results of what can happen when we share data from the Support Driven Salary Survey. It’s led to people making a stronger case for and getting raises, negotiating starting salaries that are well above what they initially thought, and getting a better understanding of the job marketplace.

The Heads of Support Survey will help you answer questions about support budgets so you can make a case for requesting more resources or show how you’re effectively and efficiently working with the resources you have. We also have questions related to outsourcing strategies, support channels, professional development, and more that can inform and shape the stories around those decisions.

We’ve made an impact for a lot of people on a personal level, and now we have an opportunity to do so at the department level.

What happens with the data?

The data will be shared anonymously with you to be used as a part of your conversations about budgets and resources. Use the data to filter and find what similar companies are doing. Shape the data to support what you’re doing now or to forecast where you expect to be in the future. Let us know how you use the data and how we could improve the survey in the future.

The other way we’ll use the data is as part of a report that we’ll share with the community when it’s ready.

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