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AI for Customer Support

AnswerIQ is in search of a bonafide Zendesk expert to help our top prospects get the most value possible out of our solution. The right candidate will be experienced in planning and configuring large scale Zendesk implementations, with a particular skill set for deploying macros, business rules, and complex integrations.

The Zendesk Solutions Manager will work closely with our Sales and Success teams to develop a deep understanding of our prospect’s support environments, and to guide them through the AnswerIQ implementation process. This will involve prescribing change management, product adoption, integrations with lines of business and will require strong verbal and written communication skills.

Our approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer support is one that takes a prospect through a journey of augmenting their support engagement with suggested answers, to helping them achieve full automation. As such, your role in the customer journey is always evolving making this a challenging and exciting role. In order to be successful in this role, you need to be a born communicator with proven experience in building relationships, delivering results and meeting customer expectations.

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