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One where you … move fast. Build exciting new things that affect how hundreds of millions of people (really, I asked for the numbers) experience the Web. Take on an established industry that’s missing the point. Product. Marketing. Support. Success. Operations. Data Science.

Feel like that’s not differentiated enough?

Ok. How about: Work remotely. Anywhere. Any timezone. Any part of the world. It’s not about where you work it’s about the impact you make with your work.

Still not enough? Hmm. Ok. How about: Work for founders who mean what they say, have a track record of over-performing, and have taken a decade plus to build and validate their excellent reputations.

Work for people who want you to succeed at your work, at your goals, so they can succeed at theirs. Coming from someone who had to take a month off after starting a month prior — life happens — I can tell you, it’s a place that values people. Better? Email me at suneet@crazyegg.com. Tell me about your dream job. If your dream job is what I’m hiring for, we’re ready for the next step. But I want this conversation to start with YOUR dream job.

To apply for this job email your details to suneet@crazyegg.com