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Helping people do more work that matters!

As the Customer Support Manager, you’ll help people do more work that’s personally meaningful and important. You’ll assist people through our support channels (mostly ticketing, but some live chat and phone calls), lend a hand on Twitter and Facebook, and be on the lookout for opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Having successful customers is hugely important to us at RescueTime. It’s good for business, of course, but it’s also a core part of the value we bring to the world. Every day you’ll get to interact with super-smart people on a mission to do more work that matters.

Who is a good fit for this position?

We’re looking for a Customer Support Manager who gets a deep sense of satisfaction when helping people solve their problems. Customer issues aren’t always easy to solve on the first try, and you should be dogged enough to dig deep and really understand causes of customer frustrations.

We have lots of active and engaged users, and we want all of them to have a fantastic experience. There is a lot to do, so the ideal person for this role will always be on the lookout for ways to scale their efforts and have an outsized impact on customer experience.

This is a front-line position with lots of direct interaction with our customers. You should be able to manage multiple conversations daily, and be patient enough to deal with the occasional customer who is just having a really bad day.

It would be great to have prior customer service, account management, call center or technical support experience.


  • Respond to support requests from our customers via our help desk desk platform, phone, live chat, and occasionally social media.
  • RescueTime runs on multiple operating systems and sometimes support issues take a lot of sleuthing to get to the bottom of. You will need to be persistent with our customers and help us keep an eye out for ways to quickly diagnose common issues.
  • Pay attention to customer feedback and working directly with our Customer Success Manager to improve our processes and product. Our customers have a lot say, and we need to absorb it.
  • Track customer support effectiveness by developing systems to help us understand how we’re responding to customers, and track areas where we can improve.
    Work closely with the engineering team to solve bugs and system issues affecting users.
  • Create and maintain user knowledge base content.


You’ll do great if you have…

  • 2 or more years of experience working closely with a variety of people helping them solve their problems
  • A proven track record of excellent written communication
  • Excitement for data-driven personal development
  • Strong interpersonal skills and experience building strong internal and external relationships
  • A cool head when working through customer issues
  • The ability to work independently as a member of a distributed team
  • Bonus if you are already familiar with RescueTime. If not, that’s ok. We’ll help you get up to speed.

Benefits of working with RescueTime

  • Excellent health, dental, and vision insurance – we pay all premiums!
  • Location flexibility
  • Flexible vacation time
  • A small team with the opportunity to make BIG differences

RescueTime is a fully distributed company

We don’t have a central office. We are currently mostly spread out across the USA. Being a remote team works really well for us as a business because we get to hire really good people without being constrained by location. For team members, it’s great because it gives them flexibility to work where they like, and structure their days in a way that works for them. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about how you work, though. Quite the opposite, it’s something we think about a lot, and will probably ask you about extensively during the interview process.

You should be able to work well in a distributed / remote environment, and be able to manage your time effectively. We encourage employees to figure out a workspace and schedule that is productive and enjoyable. Several of our team members work from home. Others work from co-working spaces.

Working remotely is great, but it does require a few things to be done effectively. All employees need a reliable, fast internet connection, a space where they can frequently participate in video calls, and the flexibility to travel from time to time for team gatherings.

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team

We think solving the hard problems around meaningful work takes all sorts of perspectives and viewpoints. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences and abilities.

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