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We’re Holding Out For a (Support) Hero

Here at Simplero we tell our customers, “You don’t have to hire a tech whiz to skyrocket your online business”.

That’s because our Support team is full of tech whiz’s like you!

Not tech whiz like I can read code (although bonus points if you do) – we’ve got developers who can handle that.

But smart and resourceful whiz’s who can research and navigate the Simplero system to answer our customer’s questions.

You’ve also got to care!

Because when Rich from Arizona writes into Simplero support because “HELP!! I’m launching today and my customers don’t have access!!!!”

You understand there’s a real business owner on the other end and can act in a smart and empathetic manner to figure out what is wrong and help Rich with his product launch.

Rich will write you back – Thanks!!! You saved me! This is why I love Simplero. The support is amazing!

You’ll share a quick virtual hug and then it’s onto the next issue – because now Eileen from New York is having trouble sending out an email blast.

Simplero exists to help people live extraordinary lives. We do it every day for our customers. Our easy-to-use software is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Live where they want
  • Work how and when they want
  • Make money the way they want
  • All while doing something amazing for other people.

We’ve already helped thousands of our customers earn $110 million in revenue.

And even though our software is easy to use, sometimes customers need support.

That’s why we need you!

Our ideal Support Hero understands small online business (building an audience, selling digital products, running a membership site, etc).

Ok, maybe you’re not an expert, but that’s also why you want to join Simplero.

Because Calvin and the team are experts!

We’ll teach you all you need to know about our highly-profitable-freedom-making-business-software, and you’ll apply that genius to our customers’ accounts.

All while maintaining flexibility to live your extraordinary life.

Supporting a broad base of customers in different industries with different problems and different languages is tough work.

Are you up to the challenge?

Cheers! Damon, Head of Support

Apply Here

To apply for this job please visit simplero.typeform.com.