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Support Driven is looking for an Account Manager. This is a project based opportunity to work on SD Expo, June 21-22 in Portland.

As the Account Manager, your main responsibility is to manage sponsor activities at SD Expo from start to finish – including scheduling each step and ensuring everyone involved has what they need to stay on track and in communication.

What’s great about this role:

No sales. You’ll work with sponsors after they’ve signed up and paid.
Build your network. Working with people is a fantastic way to build relationships and you’ll get to work with people from a lot of different companies.
Travel included. Of course you should be at the event that you helped put together.
You can do this as a side project. You don’t have to quit your job for this.

What’s hard about this role:

Balancing expectations. Sometimes what sponsors want can conflict with what we think is best for attendees or with what other sponsors are doing. It may not be possible for everyone to be happy at all times.
Sponsors have other responsibilities too. Sponsors want to be successful at our events and it’s on us to work with them to help make that happen.
Knowing where everyone is with everything and keeping everyone in the loop. We’ve had 10+ sponsors for every event and that’s a lot of things to keep track of.
Things always go wrong. We’re always trying new ideas and new ideas always bring new challenges and new ways for things to go wrong.


Flexible schedule. You will need to have availability from time to time during the work day to communicate with sponsors. It generally takes about 3-5 hours per week leading up to the event. About 4 weeks out it can go up to 10 hours or more a week as sponsors focus on the event.
Attention to detail. Making sure the details are right (or accounted for) are essential to being successful in this role.
Organization. Staying organized is key to keeping your sanity between all the different sponsors and all the different things they’re doing.
Adaptability. Things will go wrong, hopefully in small ways and not blazing forest fire ways. You’ll need to keep a cool head and deal with them effectively.


– Work with our sponsors on all aspects of their participation at SD Expo
– Be the main point of contact for sponsors during SD Expo
– Use Basecamp to coordinate and share information with our sponsors

How to apply:

Send an email to with ‘SD Account Manager’ as the title and with answers to the following questions:
– How would you describe your communication style?
– How do you like to get feedback?
– What are your work related pet peeves?
– What’s the best way to get you excited about doing something?
– How do you keep a dozen sponsors on time and on track for things they need to do when it’s not their main priority?

To apply for this job email your details to