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Online scheduling for teams and tech companies is hiring for one of the best jobs in our company!

We need a wise, imaginative, decisive, strategic, inspiring,  person to head up our customer success and onboarding team (currently 3).

You would get to work with our best asset – our customers – everyone from the single marketeer or university professor, to the some of the biggest companies in the world (customers from Pearson, Box, Yelp, Shopify, Pintrest, Expedia, Atlassian and many, many more all use our tool).

Our hundreds of thousands of users are the ones who have pushed to be one of the fastest growing, and widely adopted scheduling tools in 2017 – take a look at the kind of love we get on online reviews. 

It’s a bit crazy sometimes how we manage a million appointment bookings a month for our users, with a team of just 9, but we love doing what we do.

We are small, remote, bootstrapped, profitable and all the good things. Don’t apply if you’re looking to rise up the ranks of a mega-corp. Instead, join our ranks, and build your craft inside our tardis. We need you.

Our company has been named one of the top performing UK tech companies by G2 Crowd. We recently sponsored SaaStock Conference in Dublin to reach out to our main customer base – tech companies working on cloud tools.  We’re sponsoring the upcoming SupConf 2017 in Atlanta. 

We care deeply about customer success and understanding what our customers need. That’s your job right there.

Our co-founder and CEO, Bridget Harris, has just recently been named a national finalist in the digital category for the ‘Forward Ladies’ awards for women in business. She’s a regular speaker at conferences like Business of Software 2017 and Microconf 2017. Why does that matter? Because we like sharing how we ‘walk the talk’ on company culture and building a sustainable, happy software business.

We are working to build an amazing place where work gets done. You’d be joining a handful of smart, imaginative, hard workers and learners. We meet up around twice a year from our locations in the US, Spain and the UK. We share and build. We celebrate success together. We work on where we went wrong, and build something better.

You need to join us.

We like: systems, processes, automation, documentation, scaling, profit and happy customers.

We don’t like: over-working, being stressed, sloppy work, typs, actual offices, paperwork, not being able to help.

What you would get:

  • a fair transparent salary (depending on location and experience). (we’re working on offering profit share and bonuses).
  • ‘unlimited’ vacation – people usually take 25-30 days per year + national public holidays
  • the best health insurance we can buy for you.
  • happy to discuss any other benefits you need – we’re committed to the best family support policies we can afford. Let’s talk.
  • a role where you would be given the highest room to succeed, grow and produce results – we are outcome-focused, not output-driven.
  • work with a happy, funny, inclusive, hard working team – we’re a mixed bunch with lots of different things in common, and separate interests which keep the rest of us amused.

A quote recently from one of our team members was ‘this is the most open company I’ve ever worked for’

So what’s the job? 

Well think of us as your customer. Who do you think we ought to be looking for? Our tool is a freemium, low-price-point app with some very high-paying customers (hundreds of thousands of customers in total, around 10,000 of them paying), a committed team who deals with a steady flow of tickets, and even sees a zero inbox occasionally. One of our biggest challenges is how to streamline and optimise our support to our users – how to get them to the solution as quickly as possible.

So what would our Head of Customer Success and Onboarding be expected to do?

This is not a trick question – we do have a list of responsibilities, honestly. But we want to know what kind of job you are looking for. Let us know how you’d love to help our company, what your skills are, why we should be considering you.

Let’s hope for a magical fit. 


Caveats (sorry, yes there are a few)

  • Must be willing to cover / work shifts starting 9am EST+ working hours . Will also need to be happy to occasionally cover end of day PST.
  • We like to travel – must be happy to board a plane probably every few months for flights to Europe, or meet clients in US, go to conferences, that sort of thing.
  • Our hope and expectation is to hire someone with significant experience working in a similar role for a SaaS tool – if this isn’t you, please address why you’d still be a great fit for us anyway (we’re always open to being persuaded).



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