APRIL 1-2, 2020


With all the uncertainty and changes happening related to COVID-19, we’ve decided to cancel Leadership Summit Portland. We know many of you were looking forward to coming and we wanted to create a great experience for everyone that could make it to the conference.

However, between the news we’ve been hearing about COVID-19 and more companies deciding to restrict travel, it’s become increasingly clear the best option is to cancel Leadership Summit and host an event in the future without COVID-19 hanging over us.

Conference tickets are a big part of how we pay for all the expenses related to organizing the conferences. You have the option to apply your ticket to any future Support Driven conference and it would go a long way to supporting what we do. You also have the option to get a refund, let us know by sending an email to

Thank you and I hope we’ll get a chance to get together at a future Leadership Summit.


Become a better leader

There are no textbook answers to leadership challenges

Leadership Summit is designed to help you draw from the collective wisdom and experience of our speakers and fellow attendees. Attendees have shared with us that relationships they built at Leadership Summit led to –
  • trusted neutral sources of ideas and feedback they could turn to
  • participation in mastermind groups that provide regular support and different perspectives
  • mentorship and advice around specific goals that spanned several months 

Common themes we can all relate to

Whether you’re just getting started as a leader or if you’ve been leading people for decades, you’re invited to share your ideas and experiences. We’ve built the conference program around the themes of Management, Operations, Strategy, and Career to set the stage for amazing conversations with speakers and attendees.

More than talks

To help you build meaningful connections at Leadership Summit, we’ve designed intentional interactions into our interactive case studies, talks, and breakout activities. Participation is optional so if you don’t feel like engaging with people at the moment, you don’t have to.

Case Studies

These 45-minute long presentations give us a chance to dive deeper into particular challenges. You’ll be exposed to different ways of thinking about problems through small group problem solving activities.


Need help or advice with a problem or need that you’re looking to solve? Interact with other attendees and ask for advice and offer solutions of your own with the Ask/Offer wall.

Breakout Activities

Bring your questions and challenges and get them in front of other leaders through our attendee led breakout sessions.


Want to catch a glimpse of what Summit is all about? Read what attendee Craig Reid had to say about his experience, or Charlotte Ward’s as a volunteer from the 2018 Leadership Summit in Boston. You can also see for yourself by watching the trailer below from the most recent 2019 event.

dates & location

Revolution Hall
1300 SE Stark St #203
Portland, OR 97214


April 1-2, 2020

Wednesday, April 1
8:30am- 5pm
Thursday, April 2
8:30am- 5pm



All talks, case studies, panels and activities for Leadership Summit 2020 have been purposefully coordinated around topics that matter most to support professionals. This year’s themes include Management, Career, Strategy, and Operations.

Sarah Betts

Feels Herder, Olark

Ashley Sachs

Director of Support,  Whereby

Ian MacLean

Head of Customer Care, North America – Aircall

Chris McCraw

Head of Support, Netlify

More sessions to be announced on the schedule soon!




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