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Support Salary Survey

Each year Support Driven and Help Scout partner to anonymously survey customer support professionals about salary. Take the survey and read the 2018 study results.

Heads of Support Survey

Each year Support Driven and Help Scout partner to anonymously survey customer support professionals about salary. Take the survey and read the 2018 study results.

On-Boarding in a Distributed World – Best Practices and Perspective

When people hear “remote work” or “work from home” they almost always think that the person they’re talking to really just means sitting in front of the TV watching Buffy reruns with Slack open on their laptop on the coffee table. However, a recent study by IWG found...

Networking Like A Human

The word “networking” makes Sarah Betts cringe. Yet she has a reputation among her friends and coworkers as “The Networking Queen.” She shares how she became so connected, and how she managed to make connections that are meaningful.

How We Gave Customers A Seat At The Table By Creating A Product Support Coordinator Role

Andrea Silas, VP of Technical Support at DreamHost, shares how their support team bring customer perspective into company decision-making processes via a Product Support Coordinator role.

5 Management Tips From A Former Teacher

A long long time ago, in a world before I did customer support, I was a teacher. I spent 4 years teaching middle and high school students drama in Scotland, which definitely had its ups and downs. Most importantly, I learned a lot from managing groups of 20 students...

What Support Leaders Wish They Had Known When They Transitioned To Leadership Roles

This article was produced in collaboration with Influx as part of our supported channels program. We appreciate their support as it helps us invest in content for the greater Support Driven community. Want to be part of the discussion? Join us in the #leadership...

Somehow I Manage: The Building Blocks of Leadership

Chapter 1.  Everyone loves the guy with a stick of gum. Manage other people? Hell no. Let’s face it: leading people can be a challenge; a challenge that no one wants. As it turns out, that’s not bullsh*t. CareerBuilder’s survey conducted in 2014 with approximately...

Weekly Hiring Round Up – June 8th, 2020

Hiring managers post their jobs in the Support Driven community to find the best candidates. We also share jobs we've found through our professional network that we think are worth paying attention to. This post is a small sample of those jobs and some of the great...

Candidate Advocacy Meeting 1 – Notes (May 27th, 2020)

Attendees: Scott, Brittany, Lilly, Harsha Note: Meeting will be held weekly (until further notice). On the backend, we will use Basecamp/Google Drive as a place to keep all the info together. Three Major Focuses: Job Board, Information Release (Notes) and Story...

Inject Fun Into Remote Team Zoom Meetings

Inject Fun Into Remote Team Zoom Meetings

“Not another Zoom meeting!” Sound familiar? Perhaps your employees have said this before. Or maybe it’s you who’s getting antsy to get your team back to normal working conditions. Whatever the case, you should know that Zoom meetings actually give you a lot of...

The ultimate checklist to optimize your Zendesk

Preface With COVID-19 on the rise and many companies are affected, we need to support each other even more than usual. We all are facing very special management and productivity challenges doing customer service these days. And I think that knowledge is the best...