Make internal feedback easy and systematic

Qualitista makes a conversation review (or “QA”) tool for customer support teams. Connect to your help desk software, review conversations, give feedback and track the results. The tool also enables teams to do peer reviews.
We integrate with Zendesk, Intercom, Help Scout, Freshdesk, Kustomer and Aircall.

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What’s Qualitista all about?

Make internal feedback easy and systematic

Give feedback and boost morale

Qualitista gives you an modern and convenient UI for giving feedback on lots support interactions. You can do it also as peer review, to cover even more ground and expose team members to each other’s work. Notifications go out to reviewees go out automatically.

Track progress and stats

To really get better in quality, you need metrics. Qualitista give you hard numbers on how you are doing and what you need to improve. Set up customized rating criteria and track what is important for your team.

Identify & fix gaps in team knowledge

The tool allows you to filter and focus on specific areas of your support volume to find what can be improved and who needs help.

Improve your CSAT and answer quality

Doing internal reviews is the best way to boost CSAT and get better at giving the right answers to customers. Qualitista makes this process easy and saves you loads of time compared to fumbling around with a huge spreadsheet.