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Abby Armada

Abby Armada


Support pro working @clubhouse. Previously at Code Climate and Paperless Post. Lives life 10 seconds at a time.

Slack: @abby
Twitter: @mygiantrobot

Diana Potter

Diana Potter


Support pro and writer. She currently heads up support and customer experience at Qwilr.

Slack: @dpotter
Twitter: @drpotter

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A Love Letter to Belgrade | SD Expo Europe Update

Happy Valentines Day, SD! Today is the perfect moment to share a love letter to the city of Belgrade where we’ll be hosting SD Expo Europe in only a few short weeks, as well as share our most heartfelt thank you to the community for the incredible support we’ve...

He’s a customer and he’s angry. What do you do?

Every time I train a new colleague and the time comes for them to speak to their first customer, I see the same look in their eyes: what if something goes wrong? I was recently asked if I know how to deal with angry customers instinctively or whether there is a “cheat...

Speaker tip: publish online after your presentation

One of my favorite pieces of advice when I gave my first public presentation was this: as you’re preparing, write your presentation in blog post format, include your slide deck in the blog post, and schedule the post to go live during or adjacent to the time of your...

Early bird tickets are available for SD Expo Americas!

Support Driven Expo is returning to Portland, Oregon, this July 11-12. Now that the conference has expanded across the Atlantic and there are two Expos, the Portland event has a new name: SD Expo Americas. If you're seeing all the excitement around SD Expo Europe and...

Communication to build a remote culture

A distributed workforce is the most effective way to build a company... Talent and intelligence are equally distributed around the world but opportunity is not. – Matt Mullenweg Founder and CEO of Automattic, the company behind WooCommerce, and Jetpack....

Tickets are now on sale for SD Expo Europe! 🎉

  Tickets are now on sale via Kickstarter for Support Driven Expo Europe! The Expo SD Europe Kickstarter is the best deal for your conference ticket: if you purchase through the Kickstarter, you will get a discount off the $350 (€300)  price. We have a limited...

Apply Now to Speak at SD Expo Americas!

Support Driven Expo Americas is back! We are looking for speakers and workshop leaders to share your skills, knowledge, and experiences with the SD community. Expo Americas will take place July 11-12, 2019 in Portland, Oregon USA. For SD Expo Americas 2019, our focus...

Kickstarter launches Monday — get ready to buy your ticket!

We’re only three days away from the official launch of our Kickstarter campaign for SD Expo Europe! Our Kickstarter is the perfect way to ensure that the SD community has the opportunity to play an integral role in the event. We’re still a couple days away from the...