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Abby Armada

Abby Armada


Support pro working @clubhouse. Previously at Code Climate and Paperless Post. Lives life 10 seconds at a time.

Slack: @abby
Twitter: @mygiantrobot

Diana Potter

Diana Potter


Support pro and writer. She currently heads up support and customer experience at Qwilr.

Slack: @dpotter
Twitter: @drpotter

Latest Episodes

From the Archives: Non-Violent Communication in Customer Support

"Non-Violent Communication, A Language of Life" by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg Dr Michael Rosenberg's Non-Violent Communication is probably not on many must-read support book lists. I'd like to change that. I first read NVC 5 years ago as I was rearranging my life. It was...

Why support?

I’ve always been frustrated by the all-too-common attitude that tech support is not a career in its own right. In my experience, many people just starting out in their professional-technical life view support as only a stepping stone, not a destination in its own...

Customer Contact Week (CCW) Nashville Highlights

A couple of weeks ago I attended the CCW Winter conference in Nashville, Tennessee. With speakers from large companies like HBO, Verizon, and Subway, and with attendees in business casual attire that, for the SD crowd, tended more towards business than casual (no...

The Schedule is Up! – Support Driven Expo Europe

Hi SD! With our Kickstarter launch date of Feb. 4 quickly approaching, we're excited to start getting ticketing ready for you and to put together the program schedule to share all the things you'll get to learn. Schedule The event schedule for SD Expo...

From the archives: 6 great tips for writing a FAQ

FAQ's are a great way for users to find answers to questions and reduce the burden on customer support. Great FAQ's are well written and here are 6 ways to write a winning FAQ page. Image by photosteve101 This post was originally shared by Scott on Oct 5, 2013. What...

Apply for a Support Driven Expo Europe 2019 Scholarship

At our last event we gave away 13 scholarships to deserving individuals. Of this group, 85% had never attended an SD conference before. We hope to continue providing opportunities for new friends to attend and learn from the Support Driven community. That could be you...

Support Driven Expo Europe – Update 2

There’s officially less than three months until SD Expo Europe, and the team is hard at work preparing for the big day. This week, we’re diving into the experience for conference visitors to ensure an incredible stay in Belgrade. Volunteer for Support...

Volunteer for Support Driven Expo Europe!

It's time to start organizing community meetups and day-of volunteers for SD Expo Europe, and we need your help! Volunteers will have the chance to contribute to and participate in Expo Europe. As a volunteer, you'll have a chance to engage with Expo-goers and...

Support Driven Expo Europe – Update 1

Hey Support Driven! Vicki here, the SD Communications and Marketing Associate. Support Driven Expo Europe is fast approaching-- we’re only 12 weeks away! The SD team wants to keep you in the loop on the latest news about the conference. Leading up to the event, you...

CCW Nashville is coming up!

I am excited to attend Customer Contact Week's CCW Nashville next week. You may have seen us Tweeting about it from the Support Driven Twitter account, and maybe some of you picked up discounted tickets through our partnership with CCW. If you haven't but would like...